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SHAPE Workshop : Express Beauty and Fitness

SHAPE Workshop : Express Beauty and Fitness

Venue: Avenue K

Date: 15 January 2011

This is my first workshop for the year 2011
and I went with my beloved sister.

We paid only RM40 per pair.
Yes, we took home goodies bag worth over RM200.
(picture as below)

Opening speech by Shape Editor, Merina Hew
welcomed us to the very first workshop by SHAPE mag
to their readers.

My sister won the first round lucky draw, Asience Shampoo.

The participants
(this photo is taken from SHAPE FB fanpage)

Our trainers for the day, on the left is my group trainer, Leong.
He was helpful and shared some fitness tips to us.

I was in the fuscia and purple attire
What am I doing?
This is called "plank", a classic muscle building to train up the core and lower leg muscles.
Doing the "Plank" means to extend your body out in a long line and come up on the toes
and avoid thrusting the hips or butt into the air.
Hold the position for 20-30 seconds.
Concentrate on sqeezing the abdominals in.
And remeber to relax your shoulders and keep breathing

The workout areas

Treadmill workout forms part of the cardio plan.

Strength: Push up 
(Picture from Chai Fung)

Balance: Hold Star pose
(Picture from Chai Fung)

This is to increase our heart rate and burn calories with increase level and speed.
I managed to do 1km for 10mins =]
(Picture from Chai Fung)

Posing time!!!
(Picture from Chai Fung)

My Score Card

Treadmill: 1km in 10 mins for woman category, get 2 points
Strength: Push up (did 100X) get 4 points
Core: Hold plank position for above 90 seconds, get 4 points
Balance: Hold Star pose 30 seconds, get 1 point

Total get 11 points out of 16points (69%)
I was satisfied!

Refreshment with Nestle Fitness and low fat milk
Calories is about 109KCal

The subsequent session: Express Beauty
by Bobbi Brown 

Key to looking great without having to do too much.
Concealer. Concealer. Concealer.
It works wonders on dark circles and instantly brightens and lifts your face.
Make you look FRESH and BRIGHT!
But concealer won't cover lines,
think this way,
people cannot see your fine lines unless they come closer to your face.
So, don't think of your lines as a negative.
Bobbi Brown thinks they're beautiful and we get them
from living, laughing, expressing ourselves!

Chai Fung purposely change her clothes for this Express Beauty session
She looked so great with the Bobbi Brown quick touch on her eye areas
with concealer,eye liner and eye shadows!

For a slimmer jawline,
use a pink blusher and apply upwards then blend it.
She shared that if we have a warm skin tone,
then we should try a cold tone colour, for example the pink based
blusher instead of brown base blusher (which is a warm tone).

This last participant tried on her own with the Bobbi Brown
cream eye shadow to create the sexy smokey eyes! 
She managed to complete the look in 5 mins though it was her first time
to put up smokey eyes!

My goodies bag and lucky draw voucher from FreshKon.
I won 2 boxes of FreshKon contact lens (monthly)! Yea!

We won same same lucky draw prizes.

Suzane and Chai Fung

What's inside my goodies bag?
My sister said she could not believe there were so much stuffs given
Thanks to SHAPE mag and the sponsors
Fitness First, Bobi Brown, Asience Shampoo, Nestle Fitness,
and Oculus (M) Sdn Bhd for the FreshKon Contact Lens

Bobbi brown
A coupon to receive a sample (skincare/ cosmetics)
A complementary service for Eyebrow Trimming

Overall I enjoyed myself with my gangs and my sister felt happy too
to learn the quick make up tips and
exercise tricks to build the core and leg muscle,
and she has redeemed the Fitness First 7 day pass 
and has much fun!


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