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天香回味鍋 Tian Siang Hui Wei (Steamboat) Restaurant (used Everyday Coupons)

We have bought a total of four Everyday Coupons at
so only can rebate for RM40.00 from our total bill.

We decided to try this steamboat during weekend.
When we got the menu, 
we noted that the first page in the menu explained
the history fo Tian Siang
Tian means Sky in
Siang means Fragrance
in short, Tian Siang means the food aroma from Heaven
and it is related to the Genghis Khan's empire during the Mongolian era. 

Let me introduce what is
Genghis Khan
it refers to a well known chinese historical hero,
he started the Mongol invasions that would ultimately result in
the conquest of most of Eurasia

By the end of his life, the Mongol Empire occupied
a substantial portion of Central Asia and China.

About Genghis Khan Barbecue 
usually using lamb and vegetables, barbecued, often at the table.

天香回味鍋 (Tian Siang Hui Wei Steamboat)
is invented by Genghis Khan in the 12th century for his soldiers's meal.
Genghis Khan understands that in order to conquer the world,
his soldiers must have strong and healthy body,
and having food with lots of nutrition.
Now, 天香回味鍋 (Tian Siang Hui Wei Steamboat)
becomes the successful Taiwanese steamboat
Therefore, this steamboat soup base is cooked with
more than 60 types of herbs/ plants, no MSG added to the soup,
and can eat without any sauce.

[Picture from Everyday Coupons]

Below is the view of the restaurant,
it made us feel like VIPs.
The main colours to furnish this place are greenish gold,
the huge wall picture is used to illustrate part of the
Mongol Empire that was conquered by Genghis Khan. 


Now, get our choice of the soup base, these soup base are cooked
with 60 types of herbs/ plants without MSG:

Original and Spicy combo (天香回味鍋 - 鸳鸯)

Spicy (天香鍋底- 辣味)

Original (回味鍋底- 原味)

Vegetarian (素食鍋底)

(Small for RM30, Big for RM35)
Small for 2 - 4 persons
Big for 5 - 8 persons

The soup can be refilled.

We were recommended to try the hand puff noodles
(thick and long ramen) (手工拉面)
RM10 per plate

For vege, we choose asparagus (芦笋)
RM15 per plate.

Then we decided to have vegetarian balls
mix of black bright pearl and white bright pearl

Their utensils are sterilised as shown below 

Here come the vegetarian base soup!!!
Wow, the smell is extraordinarily good.
I can't wait to taste it!!!

The layout of our utensils

It's a bit pricey to have the raw materials for steamboat
but I guess the main attraction is to taste the soup base with 60 herbs
and prepared following the Genghis Khan's way

Look, the handmade ramen is boiling.
And mind you, the ramen need to be cooked with hot soup for 15mins.
Oh No, I'm even more hungry by then.
Keep remind myself and my sister, "Be patient", "wait".

Ta Ta...
my bowl of healthy and nutricious meal was ready!
The vegetarian ball was very worth to try, firm with substance and nice to bite.

It is pricey no doubt but I think is worth to taste it even just once in life!
I may come back again if got companion and budget,
I know my mum would love this 60 Herbs soup base a lot!!!

Last but not least, we were served the Qing Xiang Cha (清香茶)
and it was non caffeinated. I like the very light fragrance
from the tea and it's very smooth.
RM2.20 for a tall pot

Total damage: RM73.70 for 2 person
minus out the RM40 coupons
Pay RM33.70 plus coupons cost RM16
so the net total is RM49.70
Only save RM24.00.

How to get to this restaurant.
The shop is located at 2nd floor which you need to take a lift to go up or alternatively use the stairs.
It is facing the road and not the small garden inside Sunway Giza.
A huge green signboard can be seen from the windows, both at the entrance and the side.

Unit B-08-02, 2rd Floor
Block B Sunway Giza Mall
No.2  Jln PJU5/14, PJU5 Kota Damansara
47810, Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 61482268 (for reservation)

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