Friday, January 28, 2011

WEVents first event in 2011: Intimate Affair with XIXILI

I arrived at the Italiannies private room
 and I went for the registration at about 6.30pm,
then I paid a door fee of RM10 (fee for WEVents member).
I saw Tammy looking extremely busy!
Then I found out that she was a volunteer for WEVents!

WEVents is the very first WomenOnlyMENnotinvited social event
for women, by women.

Tammy asked me to grab an apple from the basket, and
see how WEVents said about me
Mine was "Charming"and Cheryll's was "Intelligent"

The participants in red and pink
for the Chinese New Year theme.
Some with black attire but wore something red too
like earings, belt, glasses, watch or their intimate wear.

Finger food by Italiannies, The Gardens

XIXILI the main sponsor and Gorgeous magazine posters

Joanne Khoo representative for XIXILI
She started the XIXILI sharing
by telling us how her personal journey in this line.

We Women have a lot of assets, they can be our house, car, husband/ boyfriend, etc
Not to forget that one of our important asset is our body!

The anatomy of our breast
that show no bone or cartilage structure
need a better support bra to enhance the shape!

Which side do you want to be?
A cup or a saucer?
Of course a cup, all the ladies voted!

Talking about Shapes
Which is the best shape?
I heard about this from X Factor Workshop,
so I would think that Orange shape looks gorgeous!

Between, I came accross this interesting relationship between
characters and a woman's breast! 
a sexologist Piero Lorenzoni said:
 "A woman's breasts denote a woman's character, just like her star sign."

According to Lorenzoni, a woman with large,
round breasts like a papaya
or melon may appear motherly, but is far from it.
"She likes eating and wants to be spoiled and admired.
But seldom likes sex," he said.

In contrast,
Small breasted women, with assets that resemble cherries
are "funny and very exciting. They are entertaining and intelligent.
Make great partners both for everyday life and on holiday and
are moderately interested in sex," says the researcher.

Woman with "lemon" breasts - pert and prominent.
 "These women are full of life and can laugh at themselves.
 They want a balanced life without surprises."

Even women with "oranges" are not going to turn up the temperature between the sheets.
"While she is self-confident and knows her goals,
she has little interest in sex. She likes conversation and partnerships."

These theories are not mine but from museumofhoaxes[dot]com.

A clearer picture on shape,
orange shape means have a equal full on top and below.

We were to tell if there is anything wrong with the model's choice of bra.
One of the participant, Jess, suggested to look at
the side profile and see if any sign of wrong alignment.
Jess is also XIXILI supporter!

Half Camisole with lace, the speaker said can wear this for clubbing!
this outfit it's simply soft and loud at the same time to me!
Soft with fabrics and loud with the cuttings!

Celebrate your Chinese New Year with your love ones
in this Gorgeous Red Night Dress

This is one of the XIXILI Valentine's series

Gorgeous ladies with their roses.

Tammy, Cheryll and LiLian

My Sunshine, Cheryll =]

Yes. A free bra voucher and 20% off for XIXILI non promotional items

Our door gift
a red apple with a description on how WEVents think about us
a rose and a special offer voucher for roses delivery on Valentine by Petalbees
Gorgeous magazine (Jan/Feb 2011 issue)
XIXILI angpao packet and a pouch,a table calendar
and a "Love My Life, BSE" schedule card.
 (BSE = Breast Self-Examination)

Thanks to WEvents team and sponsors for such a great women event!

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