Monday, March 7, 2011

Lou Sang 2011

My 2011 Lou Sang pictures as follow:

Do you recognise this place?
It is at PJ Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant.

The table set up


Another starter

The highlight 
"Prosperous Abalone Salmon Yu Sang" 

My plate of lou sang

BBQ Whole Suckling Pig

Braised Shark Fin with shredded fish maw and chicken

Stewed sliced Abalone with dried oyster and black moss

Stir fried prawn with broccoli

Fried Glutinous rice with waxed meat wrapped in Lotus Leaf

My portion of
Steamed Pomfred with superior soya sauce

Chef's selected pastries
"Gui fah Gou"

Glutinous Rice ball in Almond soup

Closer look of the Glutinous rice ball

The contains of thr rice ball

Our package RM988++

The display of Ah Yat Abalone at the entrance

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Frankie John said...

Yummy foods and great photo too. :)


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