Monday, March 28, 2011

Shiseido Challenge Result

After the 14-day-Shiseido challenge with
White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

My initial pigmentation measurement at Stage 6 (Very serious).
according to the SA.

After the challenge, my result shown that
I'm at Stage 3 (middle)
Wah! I was surprised for this improvement that happened to me!

Epidermal Melanin Build-Up
at Stage 6 (before the challenge)

Epidermal Melanin Build-Up
at Stage 3 (after the challenge) 

This is taken for my right-side of my cheek with pigment
before the challenge.
(Face was without any makeup/ foundation)

A fairer skin
and pigments seems to be lightened after the challenge was completed!
(Face was without any makeup/ foundation)

Other measurement:
Melanin level is high which is good for skin protection,
SA said this is a common result for most of the customers.

Hydration level is low and this need to be improved.
Therefore low moisture level affected clarity of the skin too!

SA advice is to scrub once a week and put on hydrating mask twice!
And she also mentioned the Shiseido Brightening Balancing Softener 
will certainly help to improve my skin clarity too!

Shiseido Brightening Balancing Softener
is sold at RM180 for 150ml size.

My record card has been completed 
and I received the 75ml Shiseido Brightening Balancing Softener!
Yay! TQ Shiseido! 

Shiseido Brightening Balancing Softener (75ml)

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