Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ZO Skin Health Workshop (Part 1)

I was selected by Malaysia Women's Weekly mag
to attend the ZO Skin Health Workshop
held on last Saturday, 26th March 2011.

This was my first time being introduced to ZO Skin Health.

Let me share with you about the ZO Skin Health.
Its founder is Dr. Zein Obagi.
He is the doctor for dermatologist according to the speaker.
Zein Obagi, MD is the quintessential maverick of skin care.
Twenty years ago he pioneered the concept of skin health and
developed a line of medical skincare products that transformed aging skin.
(Info obtained from ZO Skin Health's website)

ZO is the first retail line of anti-aging skin care products that brings Rx-inspired,
results-oriented technology to go above and beyond traditional cosmeceuticals.

Dr Obagi views that, beauty and health – are two things the whole world can agree on.

"I don’t compromise. You shouldn’t either." - Zein Obagi, MD

Event Hall at Metrojaya Mid Valley

The hall

The Speaker
She helped us to understand and discover the ZO Skin Health products.
She mentioned that previously customers are required to fly all the way
to Beverly Hills (by appointment)
to meet Dr. Obagi in order to get the ZO Skin Health products.
The good news for us is that now we can have access to ZO products
at Metrojaya Mid Valley!

ZO Skin Helath products is definately not ordinarily skincare.
Why so?
ZO® Skin Health by Zein Obagi, MD uses the most potent ingredients,
high concentrations, pure retinol, advanced peptides, and powerful anti-oxidents.
Some of the formulas are admittedly over the top.
Because to win the battle on aging, you have to give it your best shot.

Because those products have been so helpful to many women,
Dr. Obagi decided to bring it into the retail market.

The ZO Skin Health's team members

Let me share with you some testimonies by ZO Skin Health customers,
aged from 20s to 50s.

Testimony 1:
"I dont believe in plastic surgery, when I turned 30,
I became serious on preventive care.
I started with Dr. Obagi's products."

Testimony 2:
I know that actresses have a "shelf life". That's why I started using ZO's products
- to keep my skin clean and healthy."

Testimony 3:
"I used to wear heavy makeup to cover up my breakouts from
adult acne. Now with ZO, I don't wear any makeup."

Testimony 4:
"I'm too busy to exercise everyday,
but I'm not too busy to take care of my skin.
With ZO Skin Health, I look and feel good
- without have to do sit-up everyday."

This questions paper was given to us prior to the workshop so that
to ensure us pay attention during the workshop and
able to grab home ZO's gift during Q and A session. 

ZO Skin Health believes in these 7 steps
Hand and Body

The ZO Skin Health products

Top 3 Products

1. Radical Night Repair Plus
2. Sunscreen and Primer SPF30
3. Exfoliating Polish

Radical Night Repair Plus


The Radical Night Repair Plus contains stabilised retinol
that is the powerful agent accelerates cellular turnover,
helps stimulate collagen production.

The usage:
Apply at night only.
Initially, it should be applied twice per week.
After 2 weeks, increase to 3 times per week.
After 6-8 weeks, apply nightly.
This is to ensure good and steady adaptation
and aids in the transformation!

Size: 30ml, 1 Fl.OZ
Retail Price: RM825  

The set includes Radical Night Repair Plus

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