Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ZO Skin Health Workshop (Part 2)

ZO Skin Health
Exfoliating Cleanser

This is how it looks
This cleanser gently exfoliates, targets excess oil, neutralizes free radicals
and boosts collagen production.
Includes encapsulated beads with vitamin
and these beads will burst when we do the circulkar motion.
(see picture below)

Comparison: My hands
The one that just cleansed by the Exfoliating Cleanser (Above)
and without (Below)
Can see the difference? 

ZO Skin Health
Oclipse Sunscreen SPF30
Protect against sun damage.
10X more effective than Vitamin E.
Reduce incidence of skin cancer.
Primes the skin for cosmetic application.

The texture of the sun protector
that also served as a primer/ foundation base.
Its uniqueness : to give melanin to our skin, to reduce incidence of skin cancer

Question and Answer session followed
by announcement for great promotion if purchase on that day!

Kelly the luck winner


Skin check

My skin analysis

Get to know the products

Goodies bags

RMK make-up base sample + makeover voucher valid till 15 April 2011

LOLA Marc Jacobs 4ml.

Exfoliating Cleanser in our goodies bag!
Love it!

Adriene took this photo for me during the workshop!
Thanks Adriene!

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