Monday, April 25, 2011

Eco Paradise at Jaya One PJ

I got my first trial by purchasing the Mystyle coupon at RM3.50
send MY111 ecoparadise
This sms coupon only valid for 7 days
more details at

The shop at Jaya One PJ

The entrance

Anti-oxidant treatment to fight the free radicals

Complimentary Kimono to change before go into the treatment room

Ume and Sakura room with temperature 42 degree celcius
There is also Lavender room at 44 degree celcius!

Anti-oxidant Hot Bed

40-mins-anti-oxidant-hot bed treatment

There is a water bottle for refill water to drink during or after treatment. 
I was still sweating after the treatment!!!

Take a rest after the 30-mins treatment for the body to cool down

Enzme drink

The washroom

Me, after shower
I felt pretty refreshing
and experience the detox effect after that
such as activate my bowel movement.

The person in charge said some clients testified that with this Anti-oxidant Hot Bed treatment, 
they no longer need to go for facials and overall health is improving!

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye is one of the customer too!
He find this treatment invigorating!

Now Eco Paradise offers 3 times treatment for RM48!
Go try it!

Shape Night Run 2011

Registration starts 3rd May 2011
RM40* for non-competitive run (5km, fun run),
18 years ols and above
(only 2850 places)

RM50* for competitive run (12.3km)
3150 places
Women's open (18 years old and above) and
and Women's Veteran category
(35 years old and above)

All participants entitle to get goodies bag worth RM300

*RM5 transaction fee charged per transaction 
for online registration via HooHa Asia.
or register at FTAAA Office, 2nd floor, Wisma OCM
 at Jalan Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur.
Night Run Details refers Shape mag and above picture.
Date: 30 July Saturday night, 7pm
Flag off at 8pm.
Venue: Putrajaya Presint 3

Have fun!

50% Off Starbucks Frappucino during Happy Hour

Happy Hour 5-7pm on weekdays
26th April - 6th May 2011
Get 50% off on your favorite Starbucks Frappucino. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Energizer Run 2011 at Sepang Circuit KL (16 April) - Part 2

Top view.
Participants were asked to gather at the area near to stage to get warm up
that guided by trainers from Fitness First Malaysia

Haha... more photos while waiting for the start of the Energizer Run.
Nothing to do while waiting for the run that starts at 8.15pm for 11 km participants.

The event programme

Noted that there is Transformer at the bottom.
There was a huge screen at the open space that showed "Transformer"
with good auality loud speaker for supporters / family members of the runner. 

There were also free transportation to fetch the participants from KL Sentral
but they arrived way earlier to the Sepang F1 Circuit about 2pm/ 3pm.

The stage

Drummers with rythms to encourage the 42km participants
before they were called to the starting point!!!

Sky became darker then!
Yea, it was almost my turn to run!


So many people I couldn't run, luckily still able to breath!


Ok. Run! Run! RUN!!!!! 

After the water station before we finished the first round.
We were given the whole bottle of mineral water/ the can of Gatorade isotonic drink!!!  

Finally, I made it to the finisher line
within an hour!!!

At first I was disspointed at this!!!
I don't even realised that this lining-up was meant to collect goodies bag and certificate!
Too many people...

My BIB no. R1132

Tired look with bananas.
He said banana can help to replace body fluid that lost along the run!!!

Oh... I was out from the circuit!

On our way back,
we saw the 42km runners were still on their race!!!
That was about 10:10pm.

Overall, I did not have thoughts of any complaints on the event.
Maybe just to highlight the strenght and somw areas of improvements
for this Energizer Run 2011.

The strength:

1. They had few good programmes for the youth and supporters

2. All categories of run were started on time.

3. To me, there was sufficient water station was set for each round on the Sepang circuit
but I wasn't sure what happen
at the outer route for 21km and 42km participants

The areas to improve:

1. Parking rate should be RM5 / free not expect to pay RM10!

2.Got goodies bag but the crew/ volunteers should have well prepared on the volumes and packed completely not still packing when the participants were lining up!

3. The way to enter the Paddock Tunnel 2 requires a few volunteers to ensure
not too many rush into it at the same time; and some people
even used the same way to get out, maybe to get something from their cars.

I did not receive my medal, hope Energizer will post it out soon!

Energizer Run 2011 at Sepang Circuit KL (16 April) - Part 1

Energizer Run 2011 at Sepang Circuit KL (16 April)

After 60km drive from PJ, we finally arrived Sepang F1 Circuit following E6 highway.
We managed to get there before 6pm and thw weather is fairly good!!!

The route
I registered for the 11km run so need to complete 2 rounds
of the circuit (5.5km X 2rounds)

Good weather!
The rain stopped at noon!

Darling and I

Me, at the grandstand!

I snapped this before enter into the paddock tunnel.
This is my first time to Sepang, then I realised it was
at least few hundreds people went through many levels of staircase,
it was very warm inside and the we just could not figure out why suddenly 
we realised we were trapped inside at least for about 10-15mins.

Thank God I managed to went through the tunnel and breath fresh air
again after the short suffering.
Then we were given a brand new Energizer Headlight worth abt RM45
for early birds as mentioned in the event programme!
Distribution for headlights only from 2-6pm!!!

Hehe... with my headlight on.
got two options: white and red light!

Got my power bar snack worth about RM6 =]
I didn't bring  money along so couldn't purchase any food/ drink.
But thank God that this bar was distributed FREE!!!

Darling went to get a fun picture at the SCHICK Free Your Skin Challenge!

Haha... he looked like a cartoon!

We catched the sunset at roof top!!!

There will be Part 2 for my blog post on Energizer Run 2011 at Sepang F1 Circuit!!!

Stay tune!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Experience the "transformation" at Guardian Makeover 2011 (9 April 2011)

I experienced a transformation at the recent Guardian Makeover 2011 at One Utama!
On 9 April 2011, I reached One Utama before about 9am and had free McD breakfast
with my sister. We added on the tea for RM1.20 per cup. 

I began to line-up at 10am and there were already approx. 7 people in front me.
One mother in front of me even bought along her two sons which I guess abt 3 and 4 years old.

We waited till 11am for the event to be launched.
And there was an unsatisfied customer who refuse to line up
and wait for the event and made quite some noice.
Luckily the guys from the organiser team can handle her with patient.


After lined up, I was located to Booth R.
I have to say this round the Guardian Makeover
seemed more organised compare to the previous year!

The sponsors from A-Cut-Above and the 5 participants from different age groups

The show began with the three ambassadors of Guardian!

5 participants after the "transformation" in terms of look and new outfit!
Their confidence level increase significantly after the transformation!!!

Participants masked their face and each did her sharing after un-mask.

See, age is not a factor to experience a "transformation" !
We all can age beautifully!!!

The makeup tools, sposored by Maybelline, Loreal, A Cut-above and Guardian!

Different hair styling look for short/ medium/ long hair!

My sister's look before the makeover

This is how my sister looked after the makeover and hairdo.
She looked professional and slightly mature after the makeover!

My sister post with the Guardian ambassadors.

My look before the makeover.

Tammy, the CLEO next-top blogger to be!!!

My makeover and hairdo were completed.
I must admit is quite hard to accept it at first!!!

The staff from Herwold magazines also said they hardly can recognise me
and even encourage me to attend an event at Pavillion on 22 April

Me, at the event poster!

Oh!!! I'm so glad to have photowith Winnie Loo.
She is the Group Chief Creative Director and Founder of A Cut Above Salons
and Academies of Malaysia

Photo with the Guardian ambassadors

This hairdo has a retro-effect when matched my Chevron Tunic dress

My photo, I collected it after1 1/2 hour after the photo shoot

What do you about this style?

Feel free to leave your comment(s) here ya =]


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