Monday, April 25, 2011

Eco Paradise at Jaya One PJ

I got my first trial by purchasing the Mystyle coupon at RM3.50
send MY111 ecoparadise
This sms coupon only valid for 7 days
more details at

The shop at Jaya One PJ

The entrance

Anti-oxidant treatment to fight the free radicals

Complimentary Kimono to change before go into the treatment room

Ume and Sakura room with temperature 42 degree celcius
There is also Lavender room at 44 degree celcius!

Anti-oxidant Hot Bed

40-mins-anti-oxidant-hot bed treatment

There is a water bottle for refill water to drink during or after treatment. 
I was still sweating after the treatment!!!

Take a rest after the 30-mins treatment for the body to cool down

Enzme drink

The washroom

Me, after shower
I felt pretty refreshing
and experience the detox effect after that
such as activate my bowel movement.

The person in charge said some clients testified that with this Anti-oxidant Hot Bed treatment, 
they no longer need to go for facials and overall health is improving!

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye is one of the customer too!
He find this treatment invigorating!

Now Eco Paradise offers 3 times treatment for RM48!
Go try it!

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