Friday, April 22, 2011

Energizer Run 2011 at Sepang Circuit KL (16 April) - Part 1

Energizer Run 2011 at Sepang Circuit KL (16 April)

After 60km drive from PJ, we finally arrived Sepang F1 Circuit following E6 highway.
We managed to get there before 6pm and thw weather is fairly good!!!

The route
I registered for the 11km run so need to complete 2 rounds
of the circuit (5.5km X 2rounds)

Good weather!
The rain stopped at noon!

Darling and I

Me, at the grandstand!

I snapped this before enter into the paddock tunnel.
This is my first time to Sepang, then I realised it was
at least few hundreds people went through many levels of staircase,
it was very warm inside and the we just could not figure out why suddenly 
we realised we were trapped inside at least for about 10-15mins.

Thank God I managed to went through the tunnel and breath fresh air
again after the short suffering.
Then we were given a brand new Energizer Headlight worth abt RM45
for early birds as mentioned in the event programme!
Distribution for headlights only from 2-6pm!!!

Hehe... with my headlight on.
got two options: white and red light!

Got my power bar snack worth about RM6 =]
I didn't bring  money along so couldn't purchase any food/ drink.
But thank God that this bar was distributed FREE!!!

Darling went to get a fun picture at the SCHICK Free Your Skin Challenge!

Haha... he looked like a cartoon!

We catched the sunset at roof top!!!

There will be Part 2 for my blog post on Energizer Run 2011 at Sepang F1 Circuit!!!

Stay tune!!

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