Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Experience the "transformation" at Guardian Makeover 2011 (9 April 2011)

I experienced a transformation at the recent Guardian Makeover 2011 at One Utama!
On 9 April 2011, I reached One Utama before about 9am and had free McD breakfast
with my sister. We added on the tea for RM1.20 per cup. 

I began to line-up at 10am and there were already approx. 7 people in front me.
One mother in front of me even bought along her two sons which I guess abt 3 and 4 years old.

We waited till 11am for the event to be launched.
And there was an unsatisfied customer who refuse to line up
and wait for the event and made quite some noice.
Luckily the guys from the organiser team can handle her with patient.


After lined up, I was located to Booth R.
I have to say this round the Guardian Makeover
seemed more organised compare to the previous year!

The sponsors from A-Cut-Above and the 5 participants from different age groups

The show began with the three ambassadors of Guardian!

5 participants after the "transformation" in terms of look and new outfit!
Their confidence level increase significantly after the transformation!!!

Participants masked their face and each did her sharing after un-mask.

See, age is not a factor to experience a "transformation" !
We all can age beautifully!!!

The makeup tools, sposored by Maybelline, Loreal, A Cut-above and Guardian!

Different hair styling look for short/ medium/ long hair!

My sister's look before the makeover

This is how my sister looked after the makeover and hairdo.
She looked professional and slightly mature after the makeover!

My sister post with the Guardian ambassadors.

My look before the makeover.

Tammy, the CLEO next-top blogger to be!!!

My makeover and hairdo were completed.
I must admit is quite hard to accept it at first!!!

The staff from Herwold magazines also said they hardly can recognise me
and even encourage me to attend an event at Pavillion on 22 April

Me, at the event poster!

Oh!!! I'm so glad to have photowith Winnie Loo.
She is the Group Chief Creative Director and Founder of A Cut Above Salons
and Academies of Malaysia

Photo with the Guardian ambassadors

This hairdo has a retro-effect when matched my Chevron Tunic dress

My photo, I collected it after1 1/2 hour after the photo shoot

What do you about this style?

Feel free to leave your comment(s) here ya =]

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