Monday, April 18, 2011

Kenny Rogers : ROASTER Chicken Run 2011

to download the registration form


All participants will receive one number tag (bib).
T-Shirts will be given out on first come first serve basis at the colection venue as follows:

Date & Time: 18/05/2011 (12 noon - 7pm) & 19/05/2011 (12 noon - 5pm)

Venue: Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Restaurant, 3rd Floor,
Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

Last minute registrations available at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Restaurant,
Berjaya Times Square on 18/5 and 19/5/2011.

(*Please note that number tags will not be distributed on the day of the event.)

Number must be worn in front of your T-shirt at all times during the race.

Entrance ticket to Sunway Lagoon can only be collected on 22/5/2011 (7.15am - 9.00am).


The competition shall be held under the rules of the ROASTERS Chicken Run '11 :

Registration closing date is 15/05/2011 (Sunday).

Participants of ROASTERS Chicken Run '11 are required to run a designated route with a cone
containing an egg. If the egg drops, the participants will be disqualify from winning the prizes.

The organizer reserves the right to disqualify
any participants if it is deemed the rules were not followed.

The race is open to all Malaysians only.

An entry is deemed to be accepted if :

It is submitted on an entry form (fully completed and signed)

Proof of payment is attached to the entry form

Entries with false information will be disqualified.
Late entries will not be entertained.

Age verification is required for all winners.
The desicion of judges is final. No correspondence will be entertained.

Winners must be present for the prize presentation,
failing which the prize will be automatically forfeited.

The organizer reserves the right to amend the rules/ regulations
or reschedule or change the venue of the event.

Location Map

Main Organizer

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