Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rio movie tickets giveaway!!!

**Not to print this picture.
Only Original cut-out-coupon for tickets redemption 

Twentieth Century Fox is giving away 95 pairs of tickets for the special screening

Date: Today (Tuesday) 5th April 2011

Redemption : 8:30pm

Screening : 9:30pm

Venue: GSC 1 Utama, PJ Selangor

Must bring original cut-out-coupon from
The Star

(Info obtained from The Star paper dated 5 April 2011)

Now, some may ask, who is Rio?
Rio: Rainbow Gate!
(リオ レインボーゲート Rio: Reinbō Gēto) 
is an anime series produced
by Xebec based on Tecmo's Rio Series of pachinko games.
The anime began airing on Tokyo MX.
(answer obtained from Wikipedia)
**Read sypnosis of Rio movie at the bottom

Haha... This turkey can't fly!!!

Love at the first sight???

Sypnosis from movies.amctv.com

A misfit macaw named Blu (voice of Jesse Eisenberg) heads to Rio de Janeiro,
embarks on a magnificent journey, and makes some loyal new friends
in this animated adventure for the entire family.
Domesticated from the time he was just a hatchling,
Blu traded a life in the clouds for a contented existence in Moose Lake with his doting owner,
Linda (Leslie Mann). They live under the impression that Blu is the last of his kind,
but upon receiving word that a female macaw named Jewel (Anne Hathaway)
has been discovered in Rio de Janeiro, Linda and Blu set their sights on
South America on a mission to replenish the species.
Shortly after their arrival in the Brazilian capitol, however,
the two rare birds fall victim to a gang of greedy animal smugglers intent on making a mint
by selling Blu and Jewel to the highest bidder.
But the headstrong Jewel isn't about
to be locked in a cage and put on display,
so when the opportunity arises she stages a daring escape
with the help of some wisecracking local birds, and takes her new friend Blu along for the ride.
With the bumbling birdnappers fast closing in,
Blu realizes that his only hope for making a clean getaway and reuniting
with Linda is to finally summon the courage he needs to take flight. 

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