Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nelson Tan Japanese Buffet at Kepong (Part 2)

What other choices of mine at Nelson Tan?

The pictures below will tell you!

Chinese dumpling "Xiao Long Bao"
Taste ok but the skin too thick!

Sharkfin soup with dumpling

The taste was ok, of course not the real sharkfin!

Ok. Dessert time!!!

Gui Leng Gao
The herbal jelly pudding!
Quite nice!

Mango Pudding
I didn't try this but looks nice!

Honey Dee Pudding

Japan Konyaku Jelly.
Tasted this. yummy. not very sweet.
I like the jelly texture!!!

This is a MUST TRY!!!
The durian muachi,
made with fresh durian flesh

Chocolate Orange Layer cake
Chocolate with Caramel Banana cake

mix fruits  
I like the mixture and arrangement!

Grape Jelly.

"Xin Tai Luan"
Heart too soft if translates from chinese
it's hot chocolate cake with ice-cream!

I am really satisfied with this

Our drink
Flower tea & Hot Milo

The choices of their flower tea
for detox and beauty purposes.

Rebecca the waitress that provided great service!

I will love to visit the restaurant again in future!!!

Anyone want to bring me there?

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