Saturday, June 18, 2011

Magical Musicals - Gala Premier Night at Amphitheatre Sunway Lagoon!

We, all Malaysian bloggers, were given the opportunity to watch this
Gala Premier of Magical Musicals
at Sunway Lagoon Amphotheatre!

It was on held 10 June at 7.30pm.

The stage set against Time Square, New York.
This production used RM3 million to bring together all incredible hailings
from London's famous West End and International Dancers!

The story tells about young small-town performers seeking recognition and fame
for their immeasurable talents.
The musicals combine the widely loved musicals of all time such as
Mama Mia!
Saturday Night fever
Moulin Rouge!
We Will Rock You
West Side Story

The producer Aaron
join effort with
Chris Colby the Director and
David Kort the choreographer bought us the most dazzling musicals
to Amphitheatre Sunway Lagoon!

The food stall and Magnum free Game store.

The souvenier booth

We were waited to go in for the show!

People still came in to the theatre though past 7.30pm.
The Musical officially started at 8.10pm. 

Sister and I with our tickets

The usher helped us to find the seats at Blue Zone

My place located at Row D seat 46 =]

The show began with the New York Time Square scene!
All the leads and international dancers on stage to kick start the performance!


Hair Spray!

Josh and Amber!

"I need a Hero!"
This was the hottest scene with half naked male dancers with the female leads!
(Pictures as below) 

This part could be a little kids-unfriendly
Many audience were shouting as the irresistable male dancers
showed their sexy moves on stage.

The Sunway Lagoon fire eaters appeared in
the second half of this section!



The explosive pyrotechnics was indeed marvelous!
This part of duet singing became so fairly-tale-like! 

I truely for this, Under My Umbrella!
The move was amazing with the black umbrellas
that has the lazer light! 

Stephanie (Amanda Salmon)
stood at a place near to me!
The uncle besides me cannot see her in the dark and kept saying
"Excuse Me"
as she walked and blocked their view!
Then when the spot lights directed to her, we realised it was Stepanie babe!
Her shimmering dress was pretty and sexy!
A little boy next to my sister 
wanted to go forward to her however his father stopped him =_='' 

The Finale was great!
We have Mama Mia! and others musicals


This was indeed a memorable musicals to me and my sister!
Many thanks to al the effort put in for the success of the Magical Musicals!

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