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Magical Musicals (Sunway Lagoon) - Behind The Scene

Magical Musicals (Sunway Lagoon) 
Behind The Scene

4th June 2011

Story taken  from the flyer:

Set amidst the bright lights of Times Square in
New York’s Broadway Theatre District,
the story begins with 6 budding performers auditioning
for a new show.
Discover how they encounter turmoils, despair and
finally find fame, fortune and love on the streets of Broadway.

Directed and Choreographed by award winning
West End Professionals...

The show spans 2 acts with over 35 songs performed by
a cast of over 30 dancers and singers.

6 leading WEST END performers supported by
International dancers that are equally attractive in their moves!

We only saw them rehersed in the casual outfit
but the spirits are high!

There is still one more week to make it
a perfect musical play on stage. To date they have prepare
this for a week in Malaysia under the warm weather!

The difficulty faced according to the director is the warm weather
here and this causes the voice and vocals to be challenged!

The selling point for Magical Musicals
is the combination of west and asia,
songs that can easily relates to and dance moves 
that portray to be very closed to the youths 
and those who are forever young at heart!

Songs including:
Welcome to the 60s
You Can't Stop The Beat
Don't Stop Me Now
Foot Loose

From Bombay:
Shakalaka Baby

The Amphitheatre at Sunway Lagoon

Me, present as blogger
I was invited by all Malaysia Info

Bloggers with the director Chris Colby.
Chris also won the 'BrandLaureate Personality'  for his contribution
as a Director in Performing Arts and Theatre.

he is from UK but he nows calls Kuala Lumpur home!

Bloggers with David Kort, the choreographer.
He is the Choreographer for Peter Pan, Annie and Oliver! in Kuala Lumpur.

To show one of her prop

Enhancement to the Amphitheatre is the installation of these huge fans!

The hazer for the show!

The Stage
I can see many familiar logos at the backdrop such as Air Asia, Magnum, NTV 7,
8TV, The Sun, Tourism Selangor, etc

The seats, enhancement has been in place to overcome the delayed speaker
for those who will sit at the yellow zone, according to the Producer cum Director

The changing room

The Female performers from UK
From left: Stevie T.Bauer, Chris the director, Amanda Salmon, LJ Neilson

The 3 main performers
From left:
Amber (LJ Neilson)
Megan (Stevie T. Bauer)
Stephanie (Amanda Salmon)

The 3 main male performers with the international dancers!

Hot heroes, the male international dancers

Beautiful dance move

Bombay Dreams!

The equally well attractive international female performers in their dance moves!

The one in pink posed a lot and she was sexy and cute!

The two leads
Danny (Stephen Weller) and Megan

Danny's vocal is very good!!!

The love story between them was put in a song!

Searching high and low for fame, popularity and love!

All of them rehearsed in front of all the bloggers and Marketing managers
from All Info Malaysia and Sunway Lagoon! 

It was fun to be part of the bloggers to see what's behind the scene
of Magical Musicals before the show begins on 10th June 2011!

Hope you guys and gals have fun reading this post!

See you there!

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Stephen Weller said...

Hi Lilian, Thanks for your blog post - it's nice to see you had a good time. And thanks for the photos too :-) It was great having all you guys there to see backstage. I hope you will enjoy the full show when you see it!

Lilian said...

Thanks for your visit and being the first to give me your comment!!! You guys are HOTTTTT!!!

|| Lynn || said...

Hey Lilian~ Thanks for linking my blog in your post :)

ahaha... Why I'm quick? IF I procrastinate, I'll nvr do it... hahaha... I'm not quite done with the post yet. Updating it as I go... Will only submit my post or post the link after I'm DONE.

You guys finished your post in one go unlike me!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hye there...cant wait for the magical musicals too.

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

this is my link -


Merryn said...

Stephen is SO nice right? Thanx for linking us up Lilian :D


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