Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My New Hair style from A Cut Above!

I have won myself a complimentary service from
"A Cut Above - hair cut by senior hair stylist" from
the WEVents 1st Anniversary Masquerade Party!

My last hair cut was on mid April 2011,
however, I decided to change my hair style in mid June 2011,
that is only 2 months gap!!!
(The validity of the complimentary service is until August 2011 >.<)

What style shall I pick for a change?

I browsed through the chinese magazine and found
one hair style that I really wanted to try!

So I bought along that magazine 'Spotlight' to do my hair cut
at Bangsar Shopping Centre!

I showed the picture in the magazine (the hair style I've picked)
to the senior stylist, Edwin See,  and he wasn't agrred
to cut for me at first for some reason...

Anyway, this was how I looked before the hair cut...

Thank God that after my hair wash, he thought back
for a while and suggested me to try
the style I mentioned!!!
His reason being it has more character,
I was delighted!

Yay, I can have the hair style I wanted to try!
It was called "Bob hair style"!

It was almost done, but required to do another hair wash
then blow dry and a bit of touch up.

Then he applied hair wax (Redken)
to style my hair a little.

The side profile of the bob hair style

The back profile

The overall look with my new hair style.
I received lotsa compliments from Facebook,
workplace and friends!

Thank you A Cut Above for this exellent job by Edwin See!

1 comment:

Jessying said...

I agreed with the new hairstyle, u get "character" and suits your face shape !! Conclusion u look so cute and very younggg noww !!


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