Friday, July 29, 2011

SHAPE Workshop : Shape Up with Skechers!

Shape Up with Skechers
Workshop by Shape Malaysia magazine

9th July 2011

True Fitness, Jaya 33

Fee: RM20/pax
or RM30/ pair

(Photo is taken from SHAPE Malaysia Facebook fan page)

goodies bag
A workout T-shirt by Skechers
surprisingly it contains
a pair of Shape-Up Skechers shoes (RM439)!

You can get it from Skechers at One Utama New Wing, Sunway Pyramid
and The Curve!

We have to put on the shoes and enjoy the workout with it!

It design is very unique!

Details about this SRT SKECHERS:

Shape-ups Kinetix Response SKECHERS Radius Trainer (S R T) shoes
are designed for enhanced resistance training and accelerated muscle activation

Advanced Stabilization Insole includes a rigid heel for added support and stability

Roll Bridge in midfoot increases side to side stability

Two part soft and firm density midsole gives maximum fitness benefits, support and stability

Kinetic Wedge super soft foam midsole to absorb shock and provide exercise

Flexible rubber traction sole

(Photo is taken from SHAPE Malaysia Facebook fan page)

The notes about the 10 myths about exercise


1. Exercise with weight machine cause woman to be muscular
This is a myth. because muscular build up is related to hormone testosterone.

2. Exercise under air-cond is bad and can relate to disease cause by "angin"
This is a myth too!
Working under aircond helps to regulate body temperature.
In contrast workout under hot temperature may
cause severe heat related issue such as heat stroke. 

(Photo is taken from SHAPE Malaysia Facebook fan page)

He shared with us about the 10 myths of Exercising!
He is very knowledgable and gives us pointers that were easy to understand!

(Photo is taken from SHAPE Malaysia Facebook fan page)

Body attack exercise with
vibrant music!


(Photo is taken from SHAPE Malaysia Facebook fan page)

We also experience True Fitness's signature Agility Circuit Training (A.C.T)

We were at the Agility ladder
to prove our nifty footwork.

Accuracy and balance are the keys to get through this!

Refreshment from 1901 HotDog

I striked a pose at the Skechers poster at True Fitness Jaya 33 =] 

Big thanks to Skechers for the shoes and t-shirt
and Lotsa thanks to Shape Mag for organising such a great workshop!

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