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We sing K with Magnum4D at Redbox The Gardens!

A bunch of bloggers
Kelly, Lilian, Jess and Sharon.

It was an facebook event by Magnum 4D Facebook fanpage
Only opens to 100 fans who shout at the facebook wall
"I want to sing K with Magnum4D"

(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)

It was held at The Gardens REDBOX
on 25th June 2011 6.30pm to 3am.
All the annoucement of winners ended about 10.30pm.
It was fun filled with laughters
delicious buffet dinner, wonderful people to join the "sing-half-k" contest,
free beer, free game, and one very freindly talkative Emcee KK =P 

Emcee of the day is Kendrick Kang (KK)

Spotted my friend and her family at the back seats.
Parents and her lovely sister =]

Question and Answer session???
We were supposed to grab a balloon as we entered the room
and there was a name written on a piece of paper 
what did we have to do with it?
We have to find that person out.
Me, effortlessly I found mine.
She was just sitting opposite me!!! haha

The buffet is nice!
I like vege and seafood!!!

Everyone is limited to 3 pc of sushi.
The line was pretty long.

This "leng chai" ho...
became our slave
Every time we called im,
surely ordered him to serve us either drink
or food or asked him for assisstance!
He is superb friendly! 

The big boss behind the scene gave us her mini speech.

She gave us the permission
to fully utilise her "slave"
Poor KK, and his one-man-show of the day
was great!
He called the winners, did the lucky draw
and gave the prize away.
He did put a lot of energy and effort to carry out his duty
upto the requirements set I guess!

Each table get representative
to write down the song he/ she picked
Meaning not everyone has the chance to sing!
But I also understood that most came for the food and fun
not so much to participate in singing.

And we have a little singing competition!
About 17 participants!
Yes, most participants picked up chinese songs,
only 4 out of the total participants had chosen English songs.
The first participant sang in Hokkien!

She was the first participant!

I was one of the participant!
I choosed Vivien Chow song "最爱"
(meaning : "The Most-Loved")
and I dedicated to my darling who was at Japan
and I said I was pretty sure he can felt it
though he was not there!

He really called from Japan after I finished my song!!!
But because the atmosphere was pretty noisy,
I didn't notice his call and it turned to be a missed call!
haha... He missed me too!

I missed my darling!!!
Hope he was with me...
Few days later, I found a song (by Ekin Cheng)
in Facebook that I asked him to sing to me when he comes back!
The title is 感激遇见你
(meaning : "Thankful That I Met You!")

Psss....this sentence is always uttered by him
to me and I really like this meaningful song...

(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)

(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)

Jess was presented to us "HERO"
Her voice is good!!!
Semms a little different from her speaking voice =]

Fun time!!! Game time!!!

Magnum Multi Million Ringgit Draw and Lucky Draw session!

Magnum4D's tagline:


(Meaning : Got Magnum, got surprise, got happiness!)

These 3 pretty ladies drew a set of 4D each using the wheel of "fortune"
The 3 sets were


7427 + 9777

If the first set wins on 2nd July,
the prize is RM500,000
90% equally distributed and 10% for charity.

The 2nd one, both 4Ds need to be match to the results on 2nd July
1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes no.
then will win RM2,000,000
the same percentage applies for distribution!

I hope I got it right because I only got a little knowledge about Magnum4D's game.

Do correct me if I'm wrong =]

We had "Twinz" and their duet was quite good!

"Twinz" won the "sing half k" angpaos

(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)
(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)
Luck Draw!!!!
Who will get it???

Below shown some of the lucky winners!

(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)
Sharon and KK

(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)
Juli and KK

(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)
Bong Shii Teck and KK

(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)
Our beloved Jess Lee won!!!
KK couldn't believe that!
He asked who has hp no ended with 916???

She won the bigest one!!!
(contained RM50 cash voucher to purchase Magnum 4Ds)

I rembered I told her at the beginning that I can feel that she will win
one of this lucky draw and her name will not be announced in the consolation prizes!

Her name was announced LAST and she got BIG angpao!!!

Haha... my prediction was pretty accurate!

(This photo is taken from Magnum4D's FB)
Bloggers' Group Photo with "our slave" KK!!!

Overall, it was fun to sing K with Magnum and have KK to be our "slave"!!!

We enjoyed the presence of bloggers and KK!!!

Good Job!!!
Thanks Magnum 4D =]

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Jessying said...

Hahaha u memang terror can predict somemore ! Actually i won magnum rm10 cash voucher and rm50 redbox voucher . Okay since you said i got potential, i will go and sing hard!!!!

p/s: how does my normal and singing sounds like ?


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