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SKINZ™ UV White Blogger Review Session and Giveaway by SKINZ


Go Beyond Surface FAIRNESS, Illuminate Inner RADIANCE!

I attended
SKINZ™ UV White Blogger Review Session
on 25th June 2011
at The Gardens Cafe, Sunway Pyramid!

Our dress code : white and a dash of pink!

Have you heard about Skinz skincare?

Do you know what we Asian women faced when come to skin issues?

SKINZ™ UV White has researched on Asian women skin related problems
and now they introduced the improved formula specially made for Asian Skin.

Also, Skinz interviewed some Malaysian on the streets and shopping malls.

Skinz showed us the video clip on that interview.
Some skin issues were raised :
"I'm under the sun a lot, therefore I have pigmentation .... and dull skin"

"My skin is naturally fair, but I have blackhead and pigments."

" My problem is the under eye area, I got dark circle and uneven skin tone" 

I do share some of their skin concern such as uneven skin tone and
I also have inherited pigmentation.
But I could accept my pigmentation as it is
manageable and even on both of my cheeks area.
Usually this is only seen in Caucasian,
haha... then I got features of Western face... not bad huh!

Skinz UV White has launched in Malaysia
in May 2011

The highlight of the launch however was the
testimonials and interview session with
the three living proofs of the brand's efficacy:
Hanie Hidayah (blogger, student and part-time model),
Su Yin (owner of Delectable by Su) and
Mynn Lee (producer and Red FM DJ).

(**This launching picture is taken from lifestyle msn)

As Malaysian women, we easily expose to sunlights all day long,
and skin could be dull and darker if we do not take some prevention measures now!
Overproduction of melanin could worsen the pigmentation on our face.
But we must understand that melanin is actually good for us
as it protects our skin from burning and
gives colour to our skin.

So how to avoid having overproduction of melanin?

How can SKINZ™ UV White helps overcoming this problem? 

To summarize,
SKINZ™ UV White able to inhibits melanin production
and protects it at DNA level!

The verdict:
Activate your inner radiance now and see visibly radiant,
glowing luminosity in just 2 weeks*.
*visible results within 2 weeks with regular application of complete range.

The illustration shown by picture below :

This potent complex provides you with 3 levels of deeper whitening
by inhibiting the effects of melanin,
creating a lighter skin tone.
It then diffuses deeper into the heart of skin cells
 to protect DNA from UV damage, reducing hyper pigmentation and dark spots.
And finally, it provides you with double UVA/UVB filter coverage
to protect your skin from further sun damage.

Do you want to know what is SKINZ UV White’s Star Product?

The answer is Intensive Whitening Serum!

It is a high-potency serum that can be used day and night.
It contains Radiant–Gene Activator concentrate which works
by providing your skin with 3 levels of deeper whitening.
This serum penetrates deeply right down into your skin cells
to inhibit the effects of melanin,
creating lighter and even skin tone.
It then diffuses deeper into the heart of our skin cells
to protect DNA from UVA damage and finally,
provides you with double UVA/UVB filter coverage to protect your skin
from further sun damage.
This serum is also enhanced with Hesperidin to boost the skin
lightening process thus reducing pigmentation and dark spots effectively.

SKINZ™ UV White consists of 9 whitening products
that give your skin deeper whitening from within:

SKINZ UV White Purifying Facial Foam
(50g RM8.50), (100g RM14.90)

99% plant-based foaming cleanser
gently cleanses and removes impurities
while retaining your skin’s natural moisture balance.

SKINZ UV White Clarifying Toner
(100ml RM16.90)

A balancing toner that deeply tones and purifies.
Enhanced with Aloe Vera and Licorice active
to soothe and calm your skin to prepare it
for optimum absorption of skin whitening therapy.

SKINZ UV White Eye Brightening Essence
(15ml RM33.90)
An invigorating eye therapy that lightens the appearance
of dark circles and strengthens the skin tissue around your delicate eye area.
Reduces excess fluid retention which helps eliminate
eyebags and puffiness.

SKINZ UV White Intensive Whitening Serum
(30ml RM39.90)

As mentioned above,this STAR PRODUCT of SKINZ
 helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots effectively,
revealing a brighter, improved radiant skin tone.

SKINZ UV White Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF 20PA++
(40g RM32.90)

A water-based day cream that is quickly and effectively
absorbed into the skin to whiten, protect and hydrate your skin during the day.

SKINZ UV White Intensive Night Moisturiser
(40g RM 33.90)

An intensive night cream enhanced with Alpha-Arbutin
that penetrates deeper to boost the skin’s whitening process as you sleep.

SKINZ UV White Purifying Facial Scrub
(100g RM 14.90)

Use up to three times weekly, this soap free scrub
brightens your skin while thoroughly exfoliating rough, dull and dead skin cells.

SKINZ UV White Instant Radiance Rinse-Off Face Mask
 (100g RM16.90)
Use up to three times weekly, its high concentration of natural AHA
removes dead skin cells and lightens darkened skin
whilst its mineral clay unclogs pores of impurities and excess oil.

SKINZ UV White Protective Hand and Body Lotion
(150ml RM6.50), (400ml RM14.50)
This water-based, non-greasy hand and body lotion
restores skin’s moisture balance,
 keeping it fair, soft and smooth.

SKINZ™ UV White comes in classy white packaging trimmed
with silver and pink lettering and is available at all major pharmacies
and leading retail outlets nationwide.

For more information,
kindly log on to
http://www.skinzforyou.com or
visit SKINZ™’s official Facebook page at
http://www.facebook.com/skinzforyou .

The Private Room for
Bloggers' Review on Skinz UV White range
at The Gardens Cafe

Hand Massage by Skinz therapist
Mary and Ricky.

There was Skin Analysis
for us to know our current skin conditions better

A perfect diamond shaped skin should look like below.
This was taken at my hand area.

My face area showed:
excess oil, pigments and uneven skin tone.

So this was how I look after remove my BB cream!

The speaker, Susanna Ling introduced us to the improved
Skinz UV Whte range.
Next Doctor Anjalee Mohandas Nair
shared with us her knowledge 
She shared with us in depth on the mechanism of
formation of pigmantation.
Important to note is that:
Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH)
increases in humans during
This, along with increased
causes increased pigmentation in pregnant women.

Another fact to note:
adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)
may also result in hyperpigmentation
and known as Cushing's Syndrome.

I also checked again in
Wikipedia =]

Aesthetic Physician, Doctor Anjalee Mohandas Nair

Her qualifications is truly amazing!
Bachelor of Medicine , Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS)
Certification in American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine ( AAAM)

Refreshment from The Gardens Cafe

Beauty Makeover

I had a light touch up by makeup artist, Annye. 

We had a good time of fellowship with beauty expert and beauty bloggers!
Besides we are given a complete set of Skinz UV White products
to  experience the 10 dimensions of
Radiant Whitening

Inner Clarity and Glow
Dark Spot Reduced
Even Tone
Moisture lock
Smoother and Firmer

Wow! Isn't that exciting!

And my dear readers too can have a chance of winning a
travel set of Skinz UV White!

So, you only need to leave me a comment 
and to tell me
your skin concern(s) that you are facing now
and what you expect from Skinz to help
imprving your current condition?

Leave me your details such as Name and email.


Skin concern: Uneven skin tone and dull skin

I hope Skinz UV White can bring me even toned and glowing skin!

Name: Julee


The first SEVEN (7) of my blog followers will receive Skinz UV White
travel set as shown in below picture!

Result will be announced on 17 July 2011
or when reach 7 qualified winners
whichever is earlier =]

Winners will be notified by email.
I will contact the winners to obtain your particulars in order for me 
to coordinate with Skinz to send the trial kits to you!

Also, Skinz would like to have the feedback after you using the products
for 1 week or more =] 
I have designed a simple feedback form for you
(1 page only) =] 

This travel set includes:
Skinz UV White Purifying Facial Foam 15g
Skinz UV White Radiant Gene Activator Serum 5ml
Skinz UV White Day Moisturizer SPF20PA++ 12g 

The 10 bloggers with Susanna Ling

Thanks to Skinz for this opportunity to review Skinz UV White products!


Solitaire said...

My skin concern: Dark spots and lack of hydration.

I hope Skinz UV White will help to lighten my dark spots and increase my hydration level for a more supple skin.

I won't leave my email openly because there is so much spam these days but hey i'm your follower :)

i hope i win! :D

AnnGie said...

My concern : Dull skin, dark circle under eye area

I hope Skinz UV WHite will help provide radiance, moisture, glow and supple skin..

:-) cant wait to win and try them out!!!


Michele said...

Concern: Oily skin, blackhead

I hope Skinz UV White will help me overcome my oily skin and provide the luminosity needed.

I'm not comfortable leaving my email add here, but you can contact me as im your follower.

Anonymous said...

My concern : Dull skin and uneven skin tone.

I hope Skinz UV WHite Intensive Whitening Serum will help to improve my skin tone and provide me radiance skin..

I have follow your blog. Pls check. Thanks


Anonymous said...

My concern: Dry skin and dark circle

I hope Skinz UV White Intensive Whitening Serum will help to moisture my skin and lighten/improve my dark circle..


Lilian said...

You all are really fast!!!
Thanks for your participation in Skinz Giveaway!!!
I have got the permission from Skinz to increase the prizes to 7 instead of 5 followers!
Do share with me your experience after using the Skinz UV White products in order for me to feedback to Skinz =]

Have a good day!!!

Lina said...

My concern: Dehydrated skin

I hope Skinz UV White will help improve my skin texture, leaving me radiant with smooth skin!


lavender said...

My skin concern is : Oily Skin, blackhead and white head

I hope Skinz can help my concerns.

Thanks for this giveaway!

FollowerID: Lavender
You should have my contact. thanks

Anonymous said...

My concern: Oily on T zone area

i hope Skinz to overcome my skin problem


Lilian said...

Okay, the 7 winners will be picked after I verify whether they are my blog followers tonight!
Thanks for commenting and your interest to try Skinz UV White range!
Good luck everyone!

Lilian said...

So far, I have finalised 6 winners!
They are:

Email has been sent to them respectively except Solitaire (awaiting for her reply).

You can keep your comment coming in as 1 last winner yet to be selected!

sooclara said...

My skin concern: Dry and Pigmentation

I hope Skinz UV White will help to regain the moisture on my dry skin and reduce the spots as well.

I'm your follower now. :)

Lilian said...

I have liased with Ms Kalpana, Person-in-charged for the Skinz Giveaway winners' list and she has the following message to all :

"Thank you for running the giveaway on your blog and for the very informative review on Skinz UV White. =)

Skinz will be delivering the trial kits to your winners by end of the month."

Thank you Skinz!

Lilian said...

One of my blog reader posted her question on the chat box:
For easy reference, I will put the answer in this related post.

Q1.I hv some questions regarding the skinz products, is it the same w the skinz sakura extract unza products?

If you're asking if the new Skinz UV White is similar with the old Skinz UV White - the main ingredient is still Sakura Extract and Lipo-Vit C but now with the new Skinz UV White, we have reformulated and it is our New and Improved range with the latest added technology.

Q2.how to use the intensive whitening serum?

Use serum everyday & every night.

Use before your day and night moisturisers



Foam > Toner > Eye Cream > UV White Serum > Day Moist


Foam > Toner > Eye Cream > UV White Serum > Night Moist

Hope the helps!


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