Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011 at Padang Astaka PJ

I was truly blessed with many things.
For having friends, bloggers and my family members, not to forget my dear one
who is about to be my husband soon on 1.1.2012!!!

Got 2 tickets to Urbanscapes last weekend 16.07.2012

It was an eye opening experience
I signed up for
"The 8TV Quickie Search"
I wasn't sure and with no expectation
there I went to be filmed!

What did I need to do in the 5 mins filming?
Introduce myself
Tell about my interest
And get Adam to be my "show" special guest!

Very simple?
Hmm... I got no comment...
To be honest, I felt pretty comfortable at first
Adam came in the picture with his light jokes
when I interviewed him...

The content about my interview
is about sports!

I didn't purposely dress up for this search.

Move on, I went to sn a picture with the

Btw, I had pictures with a lot of the 8TV hosts
including Henry Golding! He got awesome features!
And thanks to 8 Teams for your freebies
such as the disposable 8TV rain coat!

And did many poses with the Style,
Snap and Share!

Sharon and I always enjoyed the photo shoot moments =]

See, the Golden man is real!!!
He is not a statute but seems like one.
Stay still, not talking, but eye got blink la...

The free drink little "pub" for 18 years old and above.

The stage with live band!

Me and sister completed the four challenges by
Tongue and Chic
Happy Anniversary to you!
Thanks for the little gift for the 
completion of the challenges!

Look forward for other exciting events in town!

See you! 

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