Friday, August 5, 2011

I watched 10 movies in a month!!!

I have watched TEN movies in a month!
And 9 out of 10 were paid for, they were complimentary in one way or another!
What movies have I watch?
Well, see below =]

Got complimentary tickets from ETIKA MotorTakaful
watched on Saturday night at Sunway Pyramid with Asher!
Feedback: Not meeting my expectation
My personal opinion: 5/10 

Green Lantern
It's a comp tix from subcription of Spotlite Mag

Feedback: Very good, above expectation
My personal opinion: 8/10

Mr Popper Penguin
Won from Cinema Online Sms contest
Feedback: Quite well done with family values
My personal opinion: 6/10

Larry Crowne
Won from Cinema Online Sms contest
(watch with my dear sister)
Feedback: Interesting with the big casts involved
My personal opinion: 6/10

Lulla Man
Won from Cinema Online Facebook Quiz
Watch with a bunch of friends at TGV KLCC!!!
Feedback: Above expectation, so much better than I Love Wing Chun!

My personal opinion: 7/10

Wu Xia
Self paid, watch alone
Feedback: The analysis part seems like the movie Sherlock Holmes
My personal opinion: 6/10

Monte Carlo
This too, it's a comp tix from subcription of Spotlite Mag
(watch with my dear sister)
Feedback: OK. with family values

My personal opinion: 5/10

Harry Potter and The deadly Hallows : Part 2
I won a apir of tickets from Life and Inspire Facebook page
by written the below line.

The power of fear can destroy the soul,
wisdom can overcome challenges!

Feedback: A scandal being told, couple with the issue of death
My personal opinion: 7/10

Captain America : The First Avenger
Won from m2u Saver!
Watch with Jess blogger
Feedback: Satisfied and is quite interesting
My personal opinion: 7/10

I Love Wing Chun
Comp tix from Spotlite Mag July issue
Watch with KKY =]
Feedback: Not meeting my expectation, Over acting!

My personal opinion: 4/10
Regret to watch it =[

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