Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nike Run 2011 (10km) is back!!!

Date: 27th November 2011, Sunday

Venue: Padang Merbok, Jalan Parlimen, KL

Flag-Off Time: 7am

Distance: 10km

- Women's Under 25 (24 years old and below as of 27.11.11)
- Women's Over 25 (25 years old and above as of 27.11.11)
- Men's Under 25 (24 years old and below as of 27.11.11)
- Men's Over 25 (25 years old and above as of 27.11.11)
- School Challenge Category A - Secondary School
- School Challenge Category B - University & Colleges

Entry Fee:

Categories Under 25 = RM25
Categories Over 25 = RM35
Two person (regardless of category) = RM40

Registration Info:
Online Registration & Payment

Race Prize:
Cash Prize: For top 3 winner's to respective categories.
Product Voucher: For top 3 winner's to respective categories.
Medal: Very unique momento for all participants.

The Nike We Run KL 10K race tee
MUST be worn at all times during the race.
No running with bare torso is allowed ,
or without the Nike We Run KL 10K race event tee.

Closing Date Registration: Limited to 10,000 participants


and discover your true beauty today.

Sign up at the SHISEIDO
happening as follows:-

21 Sep - 25 Sep 2011
Parkson Spring, North Court, Kuching
Tel: 082 - 421 657

26 Sep - 2 Oct 2011
Parkson Mahkota Parade, Centre Court, Melaka
Tel: 06-2829641

10 Oct - 17 Oct 2011
Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall, South Court, KL
Tel: 03-22823450

25 Nov - 30 Nov 2011
Parkson One Borneo, Concourse, Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-485749

30 Nov - 4 Dec 2011
Jusco Tebrau City, Centre Court, Johor Bahru
Tel: 07-3560264

6 Dec - 12 Dec 2011
Isetan Suria KLCC, Concourse Promotion area A&B

is priced at RM200, and includes:-

A Shiseido Make Me Beautiful Contest Form
A RM180 redemption voucher for Shiseido products
Skin Consultation by Shiseido Beauty Consultants
Full Makeover by Shiseido Color Artisan
Professional Hair Styling
One instant A4-sized portrait
An attractive door gift
Priority to purchase exclusive value buy sets

Log on to
for details

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nestle World Walking Day (20.11.2011)

The World Walking Day is an event to celebrate
that simple form of motion we do everyday.
Walking burns calories, tones muscles, shapes your body and
helps de-stress your mind.
There are so many benefits you could enjoy from walking.

Join Nestle Malaysia on World Walking Day. 
Come with friends and family and have fun.
See you all there!

Date: 20th November 2011, Sunday

Starting Time: 6.30am

Venue: Pusat Sukan Air,
Precint 6 Putrajaya

Registration is FREE at FTAAA Office and
Twenty First Century Soorts (Subang Jaya)

Registration already started and ends on 14th October 2011

For more details, visit Nestle Malaysia Event Page

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hylexin Eye Product Review : Serious Dark Circle & Upper Eyelid Lifter


Have you been embarrassed by those
dark circles which makes you look tired and exhausted,
beyond your age?

You have a real prescription now

Hylexin is the best treatment for the serious dark circles
that stay around forever.
Not only the best, but also this is the first formula specifically
developed to dramatically reduce the appearance of dark circles.

is a registered trademark of Bremenn Research Labs
Is there any link between Hylexin and Strivectin?


Both Hylexin and StriVectin Eye Cream are produced by Klein-Becker USA,
using the same advanced technology.

Both are intended for eye care:
Hylexin decreasing the dark circles around orbital area,
Strivectin Eye Cream decreasing the wrinkles and fine lines.

Hylexin and lab research

The scientific studies proved that Hylexin helps
to reduce the hemoglobin degradation
by optimizing enzymatic activity.

This process is causing the red-blue pigmentation
in the eye area to fade
and leave a great skin look.
The studies also proved that Hylexin
successfully strengthen the
capillary matrix to help stop the leak,
so the orbital eye area is protected against further damage.
Also, a double-blind clinical trial took place.

You may want to understand what is double blind clinical study/ test.
Here I provide a simple definition
A study is referred to as double-blind if both the researcher and
the participants are not aware of which treatment each participant is receiving.
For example, in a study of a particular medication,
a placebo is usually given to half the participants and the actual medication of interest
to the remaining participants. In a double-blind experiment, neither the researchers
nor the participants know who received the placebo and who received the medication.
Double-blind studies are conducted to prevent bias
on the part of the researchers and the participants.

Not enough with ONE good news...



Why do you need a formula specifically developed to support upper eyelid integrity?
Unlike under eye puffiness...
Upper eyelids tend to sag, deflate, and droop.
That's why ordinary eye creams don't quite do the job.
Hylexin's Upper Eyelid Lifter
makes your eyes look BIGGER, FRESHER,

I was given 15ml each of these Hylexin Eye Treatment Products:
Serious Dark Eye Circle and Upper Eyelid Lifter

Purpose: To use and share with my readers!

I have tried it myself for a week and I can experienced improvements,
I noticed my upper eyelid lifted, a slight color reduction
 can be seen under eye area
mainly due to my dark circles is not the serious type. 

Therefore, I informed the Company Representative
that I will recommended to my friends
who suffer from SERIOUS DARK CIRCLES!

Let's look at the result
before and after
using both the products.

This is the amazing product:
Hylexin Serious Dark Cycle
(Paraben Free)

Before Application (Pict. 1)

Female (Age over 35)

My observation:
Skin tone is dull
Dark circle under the eye, extend to the side
Serious dark circles for both left and right eyes.
She even claim wanted to go for dermalogical surgery
to remove the dark eye circle that makes her look OLD and UGLY!!!

In the past one year, she has bought eye products but cause allergy and
got product that provides no effect on her condition.
She felt lonely and helpless!!!
As her friend, she allowed me to
show her the miracle
from the Hyxelin eye treatment
specifically target at her concern!

Below, I put the same picture (Before application)
using a brighter lighting. (See below)

Before Application (Pict.2)

The face is cleansed before the application.

After application (Pict. 3)

Obvious fairer skin tone
Speedy correction is obvious for the
Serious Dark Circles

Even the puffiness surrounding the orbital eye area
showed a visible improvements. Wow!
I was truly amazed and we both felt
Her husband even asked me for the price for this amazing product!

Her Feedback:
She was grateful amazed!

Next, let me try this product on a male instead...
His lifestyle is not that bad and almost
have 6-7 hours of sleep daily.

However, aging still happens
and he develop dark circles!
(see below picture)

Before Application (Pict. 4)

On Male (Age over 31)

My observation:
Slight Dark Circles on both eyes
Wrinkles and dry skin
Both upper eyelids were droopy and
showed a dull skin tone

After Application (Pict. 5)

Upper Eyelid lifted, obvious lighter skin tone
 Prominent improvements with reduced appearance of  
serious dark circles at the under eye area! Wow!

Now, the good news is
you can get this product in Malaysia!!!

Available at Parkson Pavillion, KLCC Isetan,
Gurney Plaza (Penang)
Isetan The Gardens
Metrojaya Mid Valley
TANGS Pavillion
selected Sasa

The price:

Hylexin Serious Dark Circle
RM235/ 15ml

Hylexin Upper Eyelid Lifter
RM235/ 15ml 

The price may be expnsive
but it will definately help you to save a lot
by getting the right product for the
specific concern(s) that you are facing now!

Remember, your eyes forming the crucial part of your
overall facial feature.

I hope you will go to the nearest counter
to try out both of these amazing eye treatment products!

Have a good week ahead!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watsons VIP Card 1st Anniversary Party

Watsons VIP Card 1st Anniversary Party
Happened on 10th Sept 2011
Saturday Night at Zouk Club KL

(By successful RSVP)
NO entry fee!

FREE Makeover and Hairdo for Watsons VIP participants!

Snap a group photos with the camera guy (middle)
to help him win the grand prize by Astro

FREE Hand Massage using Watsons hand cream!

Pure Beauty
Newbies at Watsons
Ambassador is Fish Leong

We got to try the products on our hands.
It has anti-oxidant effect to prevent aging skin.
Like the smell!

With the "I Love Watsons" board!

From Left: Mizz Nina, CEO, Julie Woon, DJ Joe, Scha Alyahya, Amber Chia. 

Performance  Mizz Nina
Very good vocal and nice dance moves!

Goodies Bag by Watsons worth RM50
Sunsilk leave-on
CLEAR shampoo
Watsons Facemask
Lucido Hair Wax
Instant Photo at "I Love Watsons" wall
Pure Beauty sample upon trial of products.

Friend and I

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tasted Steam Room Restaurant : Premium Mooncake

Recently I bought a coupon deal from Groupon
to try the premium mooncakes from SteamRoom Restaurant
at Kota Damansara (Sunway Giza Mall).

Only RM38 for four premium mooncakes
Choose four different flavours or same flavour from six flavours
Can pick-up at two locations (RM68 value).
Choose from 6 flavours:
Pure lotus paste
Noble Delights (dragon fruit and lotus paste)
Royal Fairy (red and white mung bean)
Golden Starlight (double-filled mooncake)
Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
Lotus Paste with Double York

I picked:
1X Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
1X Lotus Paste with Double York
2X Royal Fairy

Free tasting and 50% on purchase of mooncakes
for dine-in customer

I was given a RM10 cash voucher for dine-in
with minimum RM50 purchase!

My conclusion:
The taste was good and 
I like the texture!

The Royal Fairy one has its unique advertising line:
"sending fairies to gastric graves with white and red mung bean cakes drizzled
with kwei hua sugar syrup.
Excessively famished astronauts double up instead with the Golden Starlight,
a double-filled dainty laden with two layers of filings
and distinct enough to convince roving eyes to not misbehave."

Worth to give it a try next time!!!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

RMK Beauty Workshop : Dusty Bright Colors (Fall / Holiday collection)

call RMK up 03-2164 7392 to book your seat!
What you get in the workshop
Knowledge from Takeshi Kukimoto (RMK Makeup artist)
Info on the RMK latest fall/ holiday collection (Dusty Bright Colors)
A free RMK Face Protector SPF31 (worth RM100)
A chance to win RM800 worth of lucky draw

Sponsors are
Diamond and Platinum
Michael and Guys

Givenchy Makeover & Experience Photo Perflexion Light

Givenchy Makeover and
Photo'Perfexion Light
at Jusco Mid Valley
Aug 20, 2011, 1-6pm

Carol Shine lipstick

The colour with glossy texuture

Prisme Libre

4G colours serve as blusher!

The Photo'Perfexion Light

Mister Lash Booster
serum  on eye lash

Make up artist Gee Han

One of the promo set for the latest fragrance
Dance with Givenchy

Group Photo
From left:
Jess, Levina, Pauline, myself and Sharon
Kelly left us early.

We had great time and took home 3-pc-goodies.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eat at Bar B Q Plaza

Supreme Beef Set with an incredible 50% OFF!
Originally selling for RM 37, now it's only RM 18.50!
This set is suitable for Two person includes
sirloin, choice beef, chicken, squid, shrimp, udon,
sliced cabbage, baby corn, carrot, lettuce and tomato.

We choosed to dine in at One Utama
Bar B Q outlet


We took the pork set.

Here the ingredients for Korean BarBQ came!

Four of us had a great time

The meat has been sliced
The equipment seems well maintained.

The staff were polite and attained to our request promply.

Aqua Label : Discover Your Beauty Workshop

Discover Your Beauty Workshop

Date : 20 August 2011

Time : 10.30am - 12.30pm

Venue : Shiseido Malaysia office, Mutiara Damansara

Fee: RM30 and get goodie bag worh RM58

** Aqua Label is Shiseido

Skincare products from Aqua Label
Red range is for Moisture (Dry, Rough, Flaky)
Blue range is (in pix) for whitening (Dull & lack radiance)
Green range for Acne skin (Oily, acne-prone, shiny)

Marjolica Marjoca products
and Aqua Label UV based liquid foudation
for the hands-on make up session.

Makeup remover oil
Deep cleanse to remove all impurities, 
Plus exfoliates dead skin as well..

Step 2, White-up lotion: prepares skin for better skincare absorption.
Improves skin receptiveness for further treatment. 

Step 3, White-up Emulsion: Prevents spots, replenishes skin
with moisture balance

Step 4, Enhancer (Award Winner)
Effectively force essential ingredients to skin 
perceivable firmness and resillience.

Cleansing foam texture 
for us to feel.

The essence texture

3 types of essence
1. GG for open pores
2. HA for Fine lines
3. CL for sagging skin

This Aqua Label Moist Charge Mask can fit firmly on my skin
and shape up the face V-contour
by lifting up the s-shaped cut along faceline on the mask.

Participants try out the Marjolica Marjoca makeup products after the skincare session.

Photo with the speaker Jo.

Our doorgift from Aqua Label.

Thanks to the organiser for this workshop!


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