Monday, November 21, 2011

Nestle World Walking Day at Putrajaya Pusat Air Sukan

I registered via My FM radio station website for this

Nestle World Walking Day 2011

It is a world-wide event that encourages people from 
all walks of life to gather and walk together.

It was a Sunday morning, cloudy with continuous drizzling.
We arrived the Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside (Pusat Air Sukan) about 7.30am
for the Nestle World Walking Day.
After collected the T-Shirt from My FM AMP booth,
we prepared ourselves for the walk by walking around... haha.
I was amazed with the captivating scenery!

The walk of 5000 steps started at 8am.
It was fun and we finished it effortlessly!

Starting point

Kompang (big drum) performance after the flag off time.
Kompang is a well known traditional Malay musical instrument,
the small one is known as Gendang.

Disabled persons joined us for the fun too!

Reached my first 1000 steps!

Almost completed, it was 4000 steps accomplished!

Scenery at the Lakeside

The end of the walk.

At the finisher line

Handsome horse 

Thanks to my dear
who accompany me to the walk!

Milo Station 
Milo the fuel to recharge our body and brain =) 

Maggi instant noodle 
served as our quick breakfast. 

At the photography station board

Breakfast from Nestle

Thanks to Nestle Malaysia
Good Food, Good Life!

Aladdin The Musicals : Behind The Scene

I was invited to this Aladdin Musical 
'Behind The Scene'
to understand this West End Production,
and to experience the raw performance, 
witness the passion of the whole team 
of living art performers
that bring us the next level of
quality for this age-old tale!


Director : Chris Colby 
Choreographer: David Kort
(** The same director and choreographer for

The Cast

Joshua Tonk as Aladdin
Nikki Mae as Princess Jasmine
Michael Morgan plays Jafar
Gareth Heesom as Genie
Peter Jamieson as the Sultan
Slave of The Ring

We were transported to the Musicals 'Behind The Scene' at
Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre by this new colourful train.

What do you see?
The significant magical oil lamp that we were told in the story of Aladdin
found in the Cave of Wonders.

The Stage is an awesome master piece
by our local designer
Khairul Nizar and team.

International and local dancers 
I can feel their passion through the movements and
I think they are really literally breath and live for performing arts!

Slave of The Ring moved her wings
and told the stories

The villain Jafar played by Morgan.
He really got the facial expression and unique talent in this role!
Jafar wanted to be the master of the Genie's Lamp
to gain power and take over Agrabah as its new Ruler!

Jafar acted as an oldman in disguise
to bring Aladdin to the Cave of Wonders!
Will Jafar realise his dream to be the all-powerful sorcerer?

The Sultan plays by Jamieson,
He is the Princess Jasmine's father and
the pompous but kind ruler of Agrabah.

The Sultan and Princess Jasmine

Aladdin, not a prince yet

Look at this modern jovial 'rapping' Genie
he will entertain you to the most. 
Hint: He loves to sing and dance everytime he
makes an entrance
when his Master calls =)

You certainly could not  have miss him at all!

The romantic scene with song presentation
by these two leads.

Charming Prince and Pretty Princess
in their full elaborated costume for our preview!

Eight Gigantic fans in the open air theatre
a brilliant idea to ensure the audience enjoy the musical show
in a comfortable spacious Amphitheatre!

1st in Malaysia to use 3D effect for a live musical performance!!!
The audience will be given 3D Glasses to put on 
during the show. Sit back and let that moment kicks in.

We were giving this 3D glasses to try but the effect only
will be seen clearly without the day light!!!
I can't wait for that moment ...
Count down for the show now
Gala Premier night on 25th Nov
but I will watch it on 2nd Dec 2011.
Hope to see my readers and other bloggers! 

The structure of the stage design

2nd Highlight:
This will be the first live theatre in Malaysia that
features a zip line from the top back of the amphitheatre all the way to the stage.
What will it bring?
Hint: An Ancient Character
found in the Cave of Wonders' treasure room,
that is a character without voice  but
express itself through movements and pantomime.

Stage set up is still in progress!

What is this?

The very 1st try
for movie set quality stage
for live musical in Malaysia! 

The building add on to the Arabic feel 
to bring out the Aladdin story 

Not forget the gold and lamps

Lovely moon

Another HIGHLIGHT to this musical
Live stocks will be used
at The Market place scene
in the ancient city of Askabar!

Next, let's peek-a-boo
at the musicals masks!
They are
specially made for this show!

Evil masks in black

Feather masks for the dancers!

Cystals masks that have special effect

Now, can you see the special effect on the 
cystal mask?
It can be lighten up!!!

Costumes tailor made for this Aladdin musicals

Dancer's costume

Picture with 'Princess Jasmine', her voice was simply amazing.

I enjoyed her every single moves with her shining wings.

Group photo with the casts and social bloggers!

Light refreshment at The Lighthouse in Sunway Lagoon
for bloggers after the session 'Behind Thes Scene' was ended.

Visit Sunway Lagoon website for tikets booking.
Ticket Price starts from RM 50
(Refer the price chat, seat chat and show time below)
Call 603 5639 0000 for enquiries.

Click the above for enlarge view.

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