Monday, November 21, 2011

Nestle World Walking Day at Putrajaya Pusat Air Sukan

I registered via My FM radio station website for this

Nestle World Walking Day 2011

It is a world-wide event that encourages people from 
all walks of life to gather and walk together.

It was a Sunday morning, cloudy with continuous drizzling.
We arrived the Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside (Pusat Air Sukan) about 7.30am
for the Nestle World Walking Day.
After collected the T-Shirt from My FM AMP booth,
we prepared ourselves for the walk by walking around... haha.
I was amazed with the captivating scenery!

The walk of 5000 steps started at 8am.
It was fun and we finished it effortlessly!

Starting point

Kompang (big drum) performance after the flag off time.
Kompang is a well known traditional Malay musical instrument,
the small one is known as Gendang.

Disabled persons joined us for the fun too!

Reached my first 1000 steps!

Almost completed, it was 4000 steps accomplished!

Scenery at the Lakeside

The end of the walk.

At the finisher line

Handsome horse 

Thanks to my dear
who accompany me to the walk!

Milo Station 
Milo the fuel to recharge our body and brain =) 

Maggi instant noodle 
served as our quick breakfast. 

At the photography station board

Breakfast from Nestle

Thanks to Nestle Malaysia
Good Food, Good Life!

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Anonymous said...

: On the picture,is Gendang(big drum) not kompang. Kompang is the small one is a well known traditional Malay musical instrument.

-fellow walker-


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