Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rama V Thai Restaurant (Jln U Thant)

Pict: This is the magnificent pool of plants-in-pot 
at the back of the restaurant!

Rama V
offers fine thai cuisine
located at Jalan U Thant Kuala Lumpur, near to KLCC
I bought Everyday coupon deal for  
Thai Executive Lunch Semi-Buffet at
Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine for Only RM14.20/ pax

Fine Thai Executive Lunch Semi-Buffet worth RM29 that includes:

Your choice of Main Course - all the main courses are served
with seasonal vegetables and steamed Jasmine rice
(Sets of 3 Main Courses per set rotated weekly):
Gaeng Ka Ree Kai (Yellow Chicken Curry with Sweet Potato)
Kae Pad Bai Ka Pao (Stir-fried Minced Lamb with Red Chili and Basil)
Pla Dang Chuchee (Fried Red Snapper with Thai Curry Paste)
Gaeng Kaew Wan Kai (Green Curry Chicken)
Nuer Pad Prik Thai On (Sauteed Beef with Young Pepper, Chili and Oyster Sauce)
Pla Dang Sam Rod (Fillet Red Snapper Fish served with 3 Taste Chilli Sauce)
Gaeng Dang Kai (Red Chicken Curry with Sliced Fresh Bamboo Shoot and Apple)
Nuer Pad Khing On (Stir-fried Beef with Young Ginger)
Pad Thai Kung (Thai Fried Rice Noodle served with Shrimp)
An array of Rama V's best Appetizers and Salads (Buffet style)
Ice Lemon Tea

The place is exclusive and comfortable for
a fine Thai dining

The address:
Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine
5, Jalan U-Thant,
55000, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2143 2428 / 2663 (for reservation)
For buffet lunch, operation hours:
Mon - Sun : 12.00pm - 3.00pm
Inclusive of Public Holidays

We dine in on a rainy Sunday, it was not difficult to locate this place!

Fried thai fish cake with peanut sauce
(Tod Mun Pla)

This was the most popular dish!
My rating : 6/10

Thai traditional green curry chicken
(Kawe Wai Kai)

The green curry is just OK.
My rating : 5/10

Red Snapper Fillet with
sweet and sour thai chilli sauce
(Pla Dang Sam Rod)

I quite like this particular dish, it was so crispy!!!
Rating : 7/10

Sauteed Beef with young pepper
chilli and oyster sauce
(Nue Pad Prik Thai On)

Not very spicy but overall satisfied with the taste!
My rating : 7/10

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable
(Pad Pak Roum Mitr)

Fresh Vegetable, and not overcook!
My rating : 5/10 

Spicy Papaya Salad with peanut
(Som Tam)

Below my expectation as it was quite papaya was hard to chew
A bit spicy for this dish
Rating : 4/10

Mixed Vegetable Salad
(Yam Pak Nam)

This dish came with glass noodle, a bit spicy too
Rating : 5/10

Beef Salad
(Pra Neur Ma Keu On)

This dish not seems to be popular, maybe most diners did not consume this
I find it nice!
Rating : 6/10

Traditional Thai Hons Doeuvre
(Mieang Kam)

This is my first choice if I were to visit again.
I gave 3 stars to the sauce,
the fragrance from the leave and side ingredients 
make a good Mieang Kam!!!  

My rating : 8/10

Deep fried Wantan with chicken
(Keuw Tod)

Thumbs up for this!
Rating : 7/10
Must try too!

Vegetarian Fried Spring Roll
(Popiah Tod)

just nice!
Rating : 5/10

Crispy Rice served with minced chicken and shrimp sauce
(Kao Tang Na Tang)

Above expextation
I took again and again
Must try!
Rating : 7/10

This is the way to enjoy Mieang Kam
Mix the ingredients such as dried shrimp,
peanut, onion, raw chilli together and
add on with the sauce!!!
Is Superb good!!!
Consume together with the leave.

Greeting in Thai language
Hope you will enjoy dine at this restaurant
when you are in town!

Overall rating for the meal at this place

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