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2012 TSDayOut : Kuala Selangor - Eco Tourism & Watch Fireflies

We were all excited for the TSDayOut.
What is TSDayOut?
TSDayOut is a mini tour in Selangor and organised by Tourism Selangor.

We visited the following places:
Taman Alam Mangrove Swamp
Bukit Melawati: Ruined Fort Melawati, The Royal Mausoleum, Altingsburg Lighthouse,
Fabled Executive Block (Batu Hampa), etc
V.N Ramadas Trading (Periuk Tanah Asli, Pottery making)
Seafood Dinner at Kuala Selangor 
Fireflies Watching with Boatride

Fee: RM50 but refundable once the participant completed the tour =)

The take-home knowledge included
the importance of the ecological & economical importance of Mangrove Forest
Knowledge on Eco-Tourism
The life span oand structure of the Fireflies and 
the significance of Kampung Kuantan at Krau Forest Reserve!

Below are sharing of some photos during the journey
together with other bloggers and Tourism Selangor!

We passed by the oldest temple in Selangor after the Tol at
Kuala Selangor Expressway

We were given soya bean, milo and nescafe in the bus
early morning!
Thanks to sponsor.

Briefing before the clean up at 
Kuala Selangor Nature Park by Michael

I am all ready for the clean up! 

Some nice scenery along the way to the Mangroove Forest
in the Nature Park

This was the after effect of cleanup the Mangrove forest
with the boot! Don't worry, it was heeled after that and 
we managed to collect 116kg of trapped rubbish
at the Mangrove forest.
an effort completed in 20mins by 40 participants! 

Our simple lunch before we went to Bukit Melawati,
Kolam Ikan Air Tawar =)
The fish is fresh! I have 3 pieces!

Each get to drink coconut water =)
So cooling...

Knowledge sharing session on Eco Tourism
Generally, ecotourism focuses on volunteering, or "voluntourism", 
personal growth and environmental sustainability. 
We did a little by cleanup the Kuala Selangor Natural Park (Taman Alam)  

The BedRock - Batu Hampar 
located at the top of Bt. Melawati

According to the history, Batu Hampar is a rest place for the Selangor ruler in the past.
Batu Hampar is claimed as a punishment place as the maid in the palace commited adultery and her blood was splashed around the compound of  the palace to serve as a warning to others.
There is a pokok Angsana/ Sena (casualina tree) that producing blood-liked rubber
 (see picture below)

Pokok Angsana
with the blood-liked secretion!
Read the legend behind it as stated above!

Next we went to the Kolam Ikan Air Tawar
(Fresh Water Fish Pond) nest to the Taman Alam 

At the Pottery 
V.N. Ramadas Trading
Kuala Selangor

My not-so-functional pot made by natural soil.

The traditional way of making the pot.

Traditional way require higher skill to master it as it will swing up and down 
whereby the modern technique using electrical machine has overcome this problem.

The pottery sign board

Seafood dinner at River View was the highlight after a long day!
Generally we were satisfied with the food except for the crabs served was not as big! 

Fried Fresh Butter Prawn

Fried Squid

Siamese-Style Steam Fish 

Butter Crab

River View at sunset!
We enjoyed our lovely dinner. 

The hall for special occasion and learning at the Fireflies place, Kampung Kuantan 

In the speech, we l;earned that TNB has been entrusted with upgrading the infrastructure, 

conducting promotional activities and research on the fireflies in Kampung Kuantan

The 5 winners for the best photos with the theme: Colours!

Group Photo credited to Nigel.
Do read his blog post for this trip

Thanks to Tourism Selangor for such a wonderful trip!

Coming Tourism Selangor will be exploring Pulau Carey, 
Jugra and Morib for a half day trip.

The response received is overwhelmed 
and they will resort using ramdomiser,
I hope I will be blessed!
*Finger crossed!* 

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