Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TSDayOut Special Edition: Hulu Langat - Bamboo Rafting & Blowpipe Demo

I am glad to join the Tourism Selangor 2012 Day Out (Special Edition)
to Hulu Langat recently! 
It is about 35km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur City.

Our trip was partly sponsored by Tourism Selangor, 
and each participant only need to pay RM80 for the below:
Transport fee, picked up from Bangsar KL
Buffet Lunch at Di Ulu Hati
Water Rafting at Sungai Langat (approx. 5km, an hour ride)
BlowPipe/ Missile Demo (Sumpit in Malay - by the Orang Asli/ natives)

We were 30 pax in a group, 
15 were selected from the Tourism Selangor Facabook and 
15 selected from the Tourism Selangot Twitter followers

There was a contest with the Photography Theme: Adventure
and the selected 5 winners walked away with cash prize RM250/ winner
but I didn't make it this time! 

This is the most traditional way of water rafting using the bamboo raft.
The river was not deep enough to support the modern type rafting, and it has a lot of rocks underneath, so the whole journey is pretty challenging but do not worry, 
each raft was guided by one native guide,
only 2 passengers per raft and a guide (max.), 
and advisable to have at least one male participant per raft,
so that in the unforeseen event, the guy can help to carry the raft and move forward 
according to the river flow. Life Jacket is provided and a briefing is done prior to the ride!

I did experienced this in my 1-hour ride and I did a minor contribution too! 

I was injured unknowingly as I took over the guide to ride but I hit the rock.
Anyway, it was not very painful,  
it was just a surface cut! Thank God!

He was my rafting partner, Alex, he is a blogger too!
It was his second visit to Hulu Langat but first time for bamboo rafting!
He found it a little dissapointed when we were told to sit back and relax in the rafting
until I requested for the permission of our guide to let us do the rafting!
Haha... it was not difficult but cool!

A small group picture after completed the rafting =) 

(From left: myself, NorhAnis, Zamil, Alex Lim)

After the parking of the bamboo raft!
Our bamboo raft was newly built 2 days prior to our ride!

Overall I enjoyed my experience of bamboo rafting
with new friends and the natives (Orang Asli).

The price for Bamboo Rafting at Sungai Langat 
based on my research is at below:

Package Rates
Minimum 2 persons        RM 200.00 per person
4 persons to 9 persons   RM 180.00 per person
Above 10 persons           RM 160.00 per person

Some notes:
  • All participants will be required to sign a Liability Release before departure.
  • Children above 12 years may participate with parents or legal guardians
  • Participants must be physically fit.
  • Jewelry & contact lenses are not advisable.

 After that we took shower and buffet lunch at Di Ulu Hati.

I love the fact that all dishes are done in the kampung style 
with its prawn, fish, and meat that were sourced from the farm in Di Ulu Hati!
So fresh so naturally prepared!
And we all had a good lunch under the trees on the green grass
and we had a good laugh learnt about the Sumbit techniques!



Rendang Chicken

Paku Pakis

Sambal Prawn

Fish with soft flesh! Very nice. I took 4 pieces! Haha!

Lunch time was great!

The kitchen area

After the lunch, we had an opportunity to learn about blowpipe by the natives.
Blowpipe is a form of weapon used by the native for hunting and protect themselves.

This weapon is perforated by means of a long metal rod with a chisel shaped bit. 

The weapon itself is made of a long rod with a metal spear tied with rattan at one end.
The blow dart is inserted at the other end using the spear to point to the hunting target. 

The blow dart ('ubat' in Malay) for blowpipe was attached to the wool cotton.
The effect is immediate and must be handle with care!
The 'ubat' can enter the blood stream and cause death within a minute!
And the medical diagnosis will not be able to tell the cause of death according to the Head of the Village!

He demonstrated and explained to us about the blowpipe used by the Orang Asli

I held the blowpipe and it was quite heavy, not as light as I thought.

The head of the village wanted me to complete the look by carrying the blow darts.

Besides, we took a tour about the Ulu Hati farm lead by the owner Shaipudin.

Picture with the strong handsome horse!
This is a Thoroughbred with well chiseled head that
consider a racing breed!

Shaipudin the owner, a retired banker,
 explained too us the ways to take care of his ponies and horses.

The fish pond. 

(Picture by Azuan)

The conclusion:
I enjoy myself with a bunch of new friends 
at the village! I wish to come back again with my husband! 

Activities that can be done in Ulu Hati includes:
Stay and relax in the long house.
Family Day
Farm Visit
Horse riding
Light and easy with bicycle
Jungle trekking
Mountain climbing
Jungle camping
River rafting
Night Safari

 Lot 2668, Kampong Kuala Perdik, Jalan Ulu Lui, Batu 18, 
43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor

Shaipudin Shah Harun  +6012 271 6262  
Riznida Eliza Hamzah   +6012 2787722

e-mail : diuluhati@gmail.com &


Azuan said...

It was a fun half day and nice to meet u and others :) till next time.

dania said...

That group photo at the end very much speak volume about how everyone felt during the trip :) It was great. Here's to the next outing :)


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