Tuesday, April 10, 2012

India Trip (Day 2)

Next day in Agra, India
Our high value ticket to visit Taj Mahal & Agra Fort

T-Shirt for the group!
Yes. Reached Taj Mahal.

marvelous buidling structure with marbel that built by Mughal Emperor,
Shah Jahan, in memeory of his 3rd wife, Mumtaz Mahal,
this mausoleum stands a symbol of eternal love!
It has the elements of Persian.
Taj Mahal is closed for visit every Friday.

The marbel wall at Taj Mahal

Go "Touch" the Mahal...

The empty tomb
Is Mumtaz Mahal body preserved in Taj Mahal?

"According to  Abdul Hamid Lahori, the writer of Badshahnama (pages 385-385) 
and Muhammad Salih Cambo, the writer of Shahjahannama (pages 447-449 and 451-452) 
Mumtaj uj Jamani (Mumtaz Mahal) died on Wednesday, June 17, 1631. 

Mumtaz Mahal was temporarily laid to rest across the river Tapti in the form of amanat (a temporarily burial). Abdul Hamid Lahori mentioned that her body was buried in a tank (with a dimension of 100x100 yards) in the garden of Zainabad across the river Tapti. 

After six months, the coffin was escorted to Agra under the supervision of prince Sha Shuja. 
She was laid to rest again in a beautiful site as amanat which is to the south of Agra city. 
Eventually, she was buried in the centre of small dome over which the great mausoleum 
(Taj Mahal) was erected. 

But a few questions still remain. 
First, is the body of Mumtaz Mahal still preserved or not?
 Second, if her body is safe, can we call it a mummy?" 
Info is taken from TimesOf India

Spotted this beautiful tree in the compound of Taj Mahal.

Reached Agra Fort
"Wall City"
A UNESCO World Heritage site
Located on the banks of Yamuna river, built entirely in red sand stone, 
Agra red fort allure the travelers with its charm. 
Primarily established in 1565 as a military base during Akbar's reign, 
Agra fort was converted into a palace, during the rule of Shah Jahan

What to see in Agra Fort:
Golden Pavillions : designed to keep off heavy rains
Anguri Bagh85 square geometric gardens lie to the left of the fort.
Jahangiri Bagh: This elegant, double storey building reflects a strong Hindu influence 
with protruding balconies and domed chatris
Rang Mahal (or Pleasure Palace) : built for the wives and mistresses
Sheesh Mahal (or Glass Palace): It was believed to be the harem dressing room 
and its walls are inlaid with tiny mirrors.

Supposed to buy Himalaya products for a dear friend but the shop 
remained closed till I left Taj Mahal at noon.

We visited Marble making Factory at Agra.
They sell the miniature Taj Mahal for Rp1000 (abt RM65).
All item are priced in USD and need to convert in Rupee

Other marble products displayed in the factory.

Below are more photos at Agra Fort

Our stop at this hotel for toilet break

A scene captured near the toll area in the evening!

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