Friday, April 6, 2012

My India Trip (Day 1)

I just came back from India (4D3N) trip.

It was a company trip and I fly with MAS Airline early Sat Morning (8am)!

It was a direct flight and I reached within 6 hours!

We have a nice aircon coach and welcomed by both Malaysia and Indian tour guide. 

my lunch at this place in Delhi that is near to the Embassy area in town!
The food not as spicy as we thought and the place is simple cozy and we were served like VIPs.

The washroom we went in Day 1.
Paid Rp2 for entrance.
We were given a bag of coins (about 10 Rp2) 

My Day 1 stay at Hotel Marina in Agra after the long journey from Delhi
(4-5 hours). Along the journey we observed the poor folks doing small and big business
at the field, near the highway and so on!

This is my room. Generally it was nice except that at night we can still hear the horns from the vehicles
on the road. It was a little disturb to me!

Throughout the journey we drank this mineral brand, 
that is manufactured by Coca-Cola!

It was safe to drink and no one get stomach upset at all.
We were about 60++ in total!

Yup, as you may be wonder, where have I visited in Day 1?
Thye answer is NONE. My day 1 is simply spent on flight, coach and dining!

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