Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Sharing Of The Barometer New Apps By Libresse Facebook

Have you heard about Libresse? 
It is a sanitary pad brand name that 
supplies the only pad with specific front and back design 
which fits female body.
It also available in unscented and scented with odour control.

Libresse Malaysia just launched a new apps in Libresse Facebook page, 

Libresse Barometer is an cyber platform where you get to voice your thoughts
and share it with girls around the nation!
There is also weekly topic and question of the day.
Participate and let others know what you're thinking. 

After I used Libresse Barometer,
I can see that my comments
appeared in my own Facebook wall
And my friends will get to view my thoughts
Besides, I can use the fun and cute emotion to represent my mood
such as happy, excited, bored, moody, sad and angry.

This is how the Libresse Barometer looks like.

How to get started?

First, go to Libresse Malaysia Facebook page.
Second, pay a visit to the new apps Barometer
and start your journey with the new apps 
follow the visual guides in the apps page.
Is that sounds easy?

These are the screen captured after I joined 

After I read the weekly topic,
I click the icon that represent my feeling.
I’ll have my say about the topic using words
or even verbally by voice recording.

So far, there is cool topics such as
You Take-Up on Make-up
My First Job

After the topic closed,
There will be a statistic to show the result what you girls
are feeling about previous week topic.

Go ahead and join the discussion on the 
weekly topic and have your say!
(See below)

You may ask is there any reward/ perk for sharing your thoughts?
Yes, there is weekly prize for using the apps to voice you thoughts!
So why not get to the new apps and
win yourself a little surprise!
Best of luck!

Overall, I have fun discovering this new apps,
hope that you will enjoy the journey using this new apps

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