Sunday, October 7, 2012

Avène Sèrènage Beauty Workshop

I was invited as a blogger to attend Avene workshop at
Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Level 14, Manhattan 5 Ballroom hall
on 6 October 2012.
Thanks to The Butterfly Project Beauty Bloggers for the invitation.
The highlight for the workshop is to learn how to
regain a radiant and healthy complexion,
also there is a talk by
Dato Dr. Low Bin Tick (Dermatologist),
Skin analysis, on-site product testing.
Participants pays a fee of RM20
and will get a goodie bag worth RM 109 (pict. below),
RM20 voucher fully redeemable
for Avene products on the same day, and refreshment.
Picture is taken from Avène Malaysia FB page.

Avène experts. Mr. Damien Tavernier
(Avène Asia Pacific Trainer of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique)
gave us a good talk for both introduction about Avene
and Avène Sèrènage range. 
Avène products presents over 100 countries and never over promise
to its consumer about the effectiveness and efficacy of Avène products.
Do you want to age with serenity?
What are the concerns for mature skin?
There are 2 main concerns: Hyper-pigmentation
and wrinkles formation.
There were a few videos to make us understand better about the mechanism
of how Avène Sèrènage active ingredients  (Glycoleol, H.A.F., Pre-tocopheryl, Arginine)
work under the skin surface  to perform repair works.

Dato Dr. Low Bin Tick (Dermatologist) explained on the
skin structure and some skin disorders
that can happen to mature skin, these included
stellate scar, senile keratosis, senila sebaccaeous hyperplaxia,
solar keratosis and seborrhoeic warts.
Aging process mainly is due to sun damage according to Dr Low.
One message to take home will be
do not become a sun worshiper.
The 3 types of UV ray
UVA - it has the longer wave length and can penetrate deeper
and damege the collagen tissue.
UVB - also known as black light, causes redness.
UVC - it has a shorter and is a powerful germicide (kill germs)

Skin structure

The 2 active ingredients found in Avène Sèrènage range
are Glycoleol (lipid replenishing) and
Hyaluronic Acid Fragments (H.A.F. for redensifying)
a synergy of 2 physiological active ingredients
to restore density and tone inmature skin.

Avène Sèrènage Day Cream, 40ml (RM139)
Avène SèrènageNutri-redensifying Night Cream, 40ml (RM149)
Avène Sèrènage Nutri-Redensifying Vital Serum, 30ml (RM159)

Among all the tree products in the Sèrènage range, I like the serum most.
Avène Sèrènage Nutri-Redensifying Vital Serum,
 it has a velvet texture and easily absorbed.
The pleasant light scent went off after a few seconds.

This is the Sèrènage serum of 4 pumps for the entire face and neck.
It is paraben free too!
I really enjoy the pampering session using Avène products!

Sèrènage range
Sèrènage Fragrance
Head : Freesia
Heart : Peony, Iris, Jasmin, Rose
Background : Santal, White Musc 

Modern women live longer, demand more and look younger!
The picture shows both woman at their age of 59
In year 1926, Marie Curie (scientist)
In 2007, Nathalie Baye (actress)

Applied the Avène Thermal Spring Water on Avène paper mask 

My skin looks more radiant after the 10 minutes mask.

I won this lovely prize from the Q&A session. 

Avène also offers a range of sunblock
the white tube is Avène Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF 50 +
Avène Thermal Spring Water in various sizes.
A 40-year journey in the Cevennes Mountain allows the water in Avène (a village)
to acquire the perfectly balanced mineral composition
and become gradually enriched with the trace elements and silicates.
It is used during the great fire in Chicago.
When to use?
Post surgery, Irritation, inflammation, facial redness,
burning, stinging, itching. 
I use it it as a toner and soothing spray.
Overall I benefit from the workshop and
refresh some of the knowledge about aging skin and its mechanism. 


Tammy Miu said...

congratulations for winning the prize Lilian :) could you give a shoutout for they're the ones who extended the invites to us ^___^

Sherry said...

Wow good u got invite, i paid for it go this nov


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