Monday, December 10, 2012

Summer Glitz Fashion Boutique (Online Store)

Hey, I'm pregnant now! 
I agreed with most mum that is not easy process in expecting baby 
but I thankful to God for such a blessing to my family.

I've learned to enjoy the pregnancy process 
by reading articles and sharing from experienced mummy. 

Besides that, I discovered quite a lot of fashion for maternity mum and baby too!

I found an online boutique store which I am satisfied with their services 
and product quality after placing two orders recently.

This online shop is known as Summer Glitz Fashion Boutique.

All products are READY stocks!

Pictures are taken from Summer Glitz Fashion Facebook page

This means that once delivery is placed and payment notification received,
the shipment will be ready.
I received my parcel in 2 days as I stayed in Klang Valley.  

They carry much clothing brands from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China; and offers attractive prices and even free delivery if purchase made above RM100 in a single receipt and within Malaysia.

Summer Glitz Fashion site is fairly easy to use. Overall the site could stand a little polishing. The product photos are all over the board when it comes to quality and style and the site design is dated and cluttered.

Summer Glitz Fashion's customer service is handled through email 
and enquiry facility at its site.

The site has a search feature and measurement chart for sizing 
to help customers find and purchase the right item in the right size.

The site only accepts online transfer, interbank transfer,
ATM transfer, cash Deposit, and cheque deposit
into the Malaysian bank account such as Mayabank, CIMB bank,
Public bank, and RHB Bank.

For Singapore customer, DBS bank.

For other countries,
Visa / Master Credit Card Accepted, processed via Paypal 

To share with you some my lovely collections from Summer Glitz which I've purchased:

SGM8214 : Hello Kitty Nursing + Maternity Pyjamas Set / 

Confinement Set - Pink 

SGM8938 : Maternity + Nursing Bow Low Bust Decorative 

Pocket Dress - Red

The maternity range that offer by Summer Glitz Fashion including the following:
Maternity Top
Maternity Bottom
Maternity Dress
Bib Pants / Jump suits
Maternity dress
Maternity Lingerie
Nursing Wear
Maternity Evening Wear
Maternity Active Wear
Postnatal/ Confinement care 

Pay a visit to the site, Summer Glitz Fashion FB Page
or email to

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky that you receive your order in 2 days. I am still waiting for mine after a week+! they said they have ready stock but i have to change my order twice because the items are not in stock! And they only tell me this after a week of waiting! not a reliable site i would say - will not visit again!
and they dont do refunds when items are not available.


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